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The Best Sellers Of Paint Spraying Systems – Guidebook

The biggest advantage of a paint spray system is probably that you can distribute the paint evenly on the wall in a relatively short time. Painting and painting become child’s play even for beginners! Nevertheless, you should consider a few things before buying, because you can choose, for example, between a paint spray system on wheels, a stand-alone device, or a device with a shoulder strap.

To help you make the right choice between these different devices, we have put together a suitable checklist for you, which covers all the important information. In our product recommendations, you will also find specific purchase suggestions.

The Best-Selling Paint Spray Systems

We have compiled the most popular paint spraying systems for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Paint Spray Systems

Checklist Paint Spraying Systems

The Different Variants Of Paint Spraying Systems
  • There are three different solutions for uncomplicated transport and maneuverable work. You can ride some paint spraying systems on rollers , use a stand-alone unit with an appropriately long hose, or reach for a unit with a shoulder strap for carrying.
  • Power, measured in watts , can range from 500 watts to more than 1,200 watts. A unit with less than 500 watts is not recommended.
Delivery Rate
  • The higher the flow rate, the faster and quicker you can work. Depending on the model, there can be considerable differences here. The delivery rate for some systems is only 300 ml/min, for others 1,250 ml/min.
Tank Capacity
  • A large tank saves you from frequent refilling, so that you can ideally work through in one piece. The tank capacity of most paint spray systems is around 800 ml to 1,000 ml. Some devices have the option of plugging the hose directly into the paint bucket.
Possible Applications
  • As a rule, all devices are suitable for paints and glazes as well as for wall paints. This is possible by replacing the respective spray heads, the nozzles. Depending on the model, two to three nozzles are included in the scope of delivery, so that you can work with different materials. A nozzle extension for spraying from the ceiling or floor is very practical.
Paint Volume Control
  • An integrated paint volume control allows you to apply paintefficiently and evenly.
  • The weight of paint spraying systems can vary greatly. Some units weigh just a little more than 1 kg, while others can weigh up to 5 kg. In the case of a stand-alone unit, a heavier weight is advantageous, as this ensures a more secure footing. For a device with a carrying strap, you should choose a relatively light model.
Hose Length
  • The longer the hose , the more flexible you can work. The hose length varies from unit to unit between approx. 1.8 m and 9.0 m.

Here you can find the top 15 among the most popular paint spraying systems.

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Current Offers For Paint Spraying Systems

Here you will find a selection of current offers for paint spraying systems.

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FAQ About Paint Spraying Systems

What is a paint spray system?

The paint spray system is a device with which you can spray your walls with paint. Unlike traditional painting with a brush or roller, paint can be applied much easier by spraying.

Which paint is suitable for a paint spray system?

There is special paint, which was specially developed for a paint spray system. This is more suitable because it is easier to apply than conventional wall paint.

How much does a paint spray system cost?

A paint spray system usually costs between 50 and 170 euros.

In which versions is the paint spray system available?

You can buy a paint spray system with rollers or use a stand-alone unit with a hose. In addition, it is also possible to purchase a device with a shoulder strap.

What is the power of a paint spraying system?

The power can be up to 1200 watts. However, a device with less than 500 watts is not recommended, because you cannot paint your walls optimally with such a device.

How much does a paint spray system weigh?

A paint spray system can weigh up to 5 kilograms. However, this is usually a stand-alone device, which also requires such a weight to ensure a stable stand. Devices with a shoulder strap, on the other hand, should be somewhat lighter so that you don’t strain your back too much in the long run.

What is the tank capacity of a paint spray system?

The tank capacity is between 800 ml and 1,000 ml. If the tank is relatively large, you may not need to refill it. Therefore, it makes sense to check the manufacturer’s specifications in advance and opt for a high tank volume.

How long is the hose of a paint spray system?

Usually, the hose of a paint spray system is between 0.8 and 9.0 m long. However, this can be quite different depending on the device. If the hose is very long, you have plenty of freedom of movement in any case and can work optimally.

Where can the paint spray system be used?

You can use it with the help of spray buttons and special nozzles to optimally paint your walls, but also your ceiling. For the latter, a nozzle extension is suitable, which is often included in the scope of delivery.

How large is the delivery rate?

Depending on the device, the delivery rate can be 1,250 ml/min. The delivery rate also ensures that you can work significantly faster and more precisely.

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