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The 7 Best Tape Measures – Guidebook

With measuring tapes, all objects can be measured flexibly and individually. Folding rules are stiff and immobile, but tape measures adapt to all objects to be measured. Here you will find the right tape measure for you!

Our checklist contains a lot of important information you need to make a purchase decision. Our product recommendations have many exciting product suggestions ready for you.

Checklist For Tape Measures

  • With a tape measure you can measure short distances, but also those that go beyond the length of a folding rule, which is usually 2 meters.
  • Tape measures are used in interior design, road construction, surveying and in the fashion industry.
  • Do-it-yourselfers use the tape measure for a wide variety of work around the house and garden, as well as for various hobbies.
  • The classic tape measure has a subdivision in mm, cm and m.
  • Sometimes additional units of measurement such as inches or inches can be found. Inch is still a common measure of length in the USA. For example, the waist size and inside leg length of jeans pants are often measured in inches. 1 inch or 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm.
  • Simple tailor’s measuring tapes, which are rolled up by hand, have a length of 1.50 meters.
  • Furthermore, self-winding tape measures with housing are available, which have a length of 3 to 5 or up to 10 meters. They are also called pocket tape measures because they are compact and handy and can be taken anywhere. They are suitable for small to medium dimensions. A spring mechanism, which you can operate with a push button, allows you to extend and retract the tape and lock it in the desired position.
  • For roll tape measures from 10 to 100 m, the cassette is usually equipped with a crank.
  • Measuring tapes are made of differentmaterials.
  • Plastic, plastic-glass fiber as well as painted or coated tape steel are used.
  • Plastic and plastic-fiberglass measuring tapes are more flexible than those made of strip steel.
  • The accuracy of a tape measure is given in classes.
  • Class 1 corresponds to +/- 1.1 mm at 10 m.
  • Class 2 corresponds to +/- 2 .3 mm on 10 m.
  • Class 3 corresponds to +/- 4 .6 mm on 10 m.

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The Best Sellers Of Tape Measures

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Current Offers Of Measuring Tapes

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FAQ About Tape Measures

How does a tape measure work?

With a tape measure you can measure any object and length by unrolling it, pulling it over the necessary length and reading off the length at the end.

How do you measure with a tape measure?

With a tape measure, you measure various objects by pulling the tape to the appropriate length and then simply reading off the value at the end.

How long is a tailor’s tape measure?

A classic tailor’s tape measure has a length of 1.50 m.

Where can I buy a tape measure?

You will certainly find the right tape measure in our product recommendations

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