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The Best Sellers Of Splitting Axes – Guidebook

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The Best Sellers Of Splitting Axes – Guidebook

Splitting axes make your gardening work easier and are versatile. Our checklist will help you to consider everything important to get the best possible product. The product recommendations will also help you make a decision faster. With a splitting axe the work is much more fun!

The Best Sellers Of Splitting Axes

We have compiled the most popular splitting axes for you in this bestseller list.

Splitting Axes Checklist

Checklist For Splitting Axes

Blade and head weight
  • If the blade is thin, it is well suited for cutting. However, it could get stuck quickly when splitting.
  • Less sharp is the wide angle blade. Instead, it pushes the fibers of the wood apart, making splitting more efficient.
  • A lighter head weighs under 800- to 1,500-g and is suitable for simple splitting tasks.
  • A head weight of 1,500- to over 2,000 g is already found in relatively heavy splitting axes. This allows heavy, dense logs to be split.
Handle material
  • A handle made of wood (hickory) is a good all-rounder, inexpensive and can last a long time if properly cared for. However, if it is abused, it will splinter.
  • The trend today is for axe handles made of fiberglass and other composite materials. These have the advantage of light weight and can be stored safely even in damp environments.
  • Steel handles achieve the highest durability and stability. They are forged as part of the head and accordingly transmit vibrations. If you decide to use such a steel axe, make sure that the handle is covered with rubber or leather. This will absorb the shock up to a certain point.
Handle length
  • A splitting axe with a short handle is suitable for smaller people and has its advantage for simpler gardening, hiking or camping.
  • With a long handle , more force can be exerted. So you will find it especially in the segment of splitting hammers.
  • The classic all-purpose axe with a medium handle length is 55 to 70 cm long and is suitable for most tasks.

Here you can find the top 8 most popular splitting axes.

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Current Offers For Splitting Axes

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the field of splitting axes.

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FAQ About Splitting Axes

Fiskars splitting axe what size?

The size of the splitting axe should be adapted to your arm length. The handle should reach under your arm. In addition, it should not be too heavy for you. Also, the diameter of the wood to be cut should not be ignored.

Which splitting axe?

The splitting axe should be adapted to the length of your arm. You also need to consider the weight. In addition, certain brands are very reliable. These include, for example, Fiskars and Gänsfors.

Which splitting axe is the best?

The brands Gänsfors, Fiskars and Stihl have proven themselves very well.

What is a splitting axe?

A splitting axe is a tool for gardening or woodworking. With its help, wood of different diameters can be well divided and split.

What size splitting axe?

The handle of a splitting axe should be chosen as long as your arm. As a rule, a length between 55 cm and 70 cm is suitable for everyday work. Note, however, that the larger the axe, the heavier it will be.

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