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The Best Protection Against Burglary For Windows – Guidebook

Surely you have often heard in the news that burglaries often happen because the house or apartment is not sufficiently secured. In order to avoid burglaries or the intrusion of uninvited animals in the future, you should think about the purchase of a burglar alarm for windows. Especially if you live in a lonely area and have few neighbors, such protection can provide you with more personal security.

Since there are many different burglar protection options for windows, we have compiled a suitable checklist for you. Afterward, you can also have a look at our product recommendations. There you will find many different models, which will help you to protect your home.

Checklist Burglary Protection For Windows

Wo befindet sich das Fenster?
  • First floor windows are particularly vulnerable if they cannot be seen from the street or are hidden behind bushes.
  • The floor of the window does not matter for burglars if there are balconies, gutters or fire escapes on the house.
  • Windows in the basement/cellar have the highest risk level.
Produkte zur Sicherung von Außen
  • Lattice constructions provide the best mechanical barrier, are visually acceptable at least for basement windows.
  • Motion detectors illuminate the window front, they act as a deterrent and aggravate offenders.
  • Spikes on the window sill and on the outer frame repel animals and thieves.
  • Windows with crossbars or bull’s-eye panes increase the subjective impression of security and have an anti-burglary effect.
Produkte zur Sicherung von Innen
  • Locking systems with key-lock function in the window handle.
  • Windows with mortise and tenon locking systems around the frame are cost-intensive, but have a high security level.
  • Cross bars are especially recommended for large windows to secure them overnight, during the day they could spoil the look. Caution: May be considered a structural change and may have to be coordinated with landlord!
  • Smart home technology for electronic control of window opening.
  • Double glazing.
  • Touch sensors on the frame in particularly sensitive security situations.
  • Window sills full of flowers, aquariums or other fragile objects make it more difficult to commit a crime.
Spezielle Sicherheitskonzepte
  • Mechanical alarm systems can be installed with wire in the window and trigger an alarm if the window is attempted to be pried open.
  • Sensors in the interior detect air changes to trigger the alarm.
  • Camera monitoring as part of the DSGVO can prevent or at least solve burglaries.
Trickreicher Einbruchsschutz
  • Camera dummies act as a deterrent, provided they at least have a battery-powered flashing function.
  • With timers, artificial TV light or room lighting can simulate presence.
  • Motion detectors with artificial dog barking quickly drive away thieves.
  • For residential property: ask the police about the risk situation and coordinate measures with security consultants.
  • For rental properties: Find out about previous burglaries and ask the landlord to contribute to the costs.
  • Office and business premises: Clarify which security measures are prescribed by the building insurance company.
  • The security of the windows should correspond to the individual, personal feeling of security – no more, but also no less.

Here you can find the top 15 among the most popular products for burglar protection for windows.

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The Best Sellers Of The Products For Burglar Protection For Windows

We have compiled the most popular products.

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Current Offers For Burglar Protection Products For Windows

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of burglary protection for windows.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Defender Security S 4776 21 inch, White Painted Carbon Steel, Hinged 4-Bar Window Grill
Defender Security S 4776 21 inch, White Painted Carbon Steel, Hinged 4-Bar Window Grill
3 step quick relies feature for fast removal in emergencies; Inside frame mounting with quick release
$109.99 −52%
SaleBestseller Nr. 2
Defender Security S 4780 21 inch, White Painted Carbon Steel, Hinged 4-Bar Window Grill
Defender Security S 4780 21 inch, White Painted Carbon Steel, Hinged 4-Bar Window Grill
3 step quick relates feature for fast removal in emergencies; Inside frame mounting with quick release
$132.49 −54%
SaleBestseller Nr. 3

FAQ About Burglar Protection For Windows

What is a burglar protection for windows?

With a special burglar protection for windows you can optimally protect your home from burglars or even animals. Among other things, it is possible to secure your window from the inside or outside.

How much does a burglar protection for windows cost?

That depends on which burglary protection you choose. For example, you can buy burglar bars from about 35 euros, while professional surveillance cameras can cost up to 70 euros or more

What should be considered before buying a burglar alarm for windows?

First of all, you should consider where your window is located, because depending on the location, a lower or higher risk situation may prevail. In the basement, for example, the risk of burglary is particularly high. However, windows that are difficult to see are also at risk on every floor. Accordingly, you should adjust the burglary protection to the location of the window

How can a window be secured from the inside?

Crossbars may not look very nice, but they can increase security considerably. Since you are making major changes here, you should always first discuss them with your landlord. You can also control the opening and closing of the windows with the help of smart home technology via an app, even if you are not at home. For example, if you have many objects or flowers in front of the window, it is more difficult for the perpetrator to enter the house unnoticed and quietly.

How can a window be secured from the outside?

Outside, you can secure the window with special grates or install prongs that can hinder or injure the burglar. You can also install special camera surveillance or motion detectors with dog sounds to deter the perpetrators. In addition, there are even timers that light up the rooms even when you are not at home

Which windows are burglar-proof?

You can buy special windows that are burglar-resistant and are also recommended by the police. Ideally, they should meet the DIN EN 1627-30 standard. You can also have the frame of your window reinforced with the help of a mortise lock system or purchase models that you can lock with a key

Where is burglar protection installed?

If you are not sure how strong you should secure your window, you can consult an expert. They will explain to you exactly what security measures may be necessary. Alternatively, you can ask the police what measures you should take to better protect your home. In offices or public buildings, on the other hand, there are clearly regulated provisions as to what burglary protection is appropriate

Who pays for burglary protection?

If you live in an apartment building, you may be able to clarify with your tenant whether he or she can assume the costs for the necessary protection. Otherwise, however, you will usually have to bear the costs yourself

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