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The Best Sellers Of Children’s Cutlery – Guidebook

The first children’s cutlery is something special. It is offered with different motifs and your child is guaranteed very proud that he can now eat independently like the grown-ups. In addition, the cutlery serves to promote motor skills and coordination of your child.

Our checklist and also the product recommendations will help you with the selection and clarify you ideally about the most important purchase criteria.

The Bestsellers Of Children’s Cutlery

We have compiled the most popular children’s cutlery for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Children’s Cutlery

Checklist For Children Cutlery

  • Cutlery for children is, in a way, cutlery in a small format.
  • But it is also more than that, because it has a special ergonomic shape adapted to children’s hands. In this way, children’s cutlery is designed to make learning to eat easier.
  • By handling materials that are unfamiliar to your child, it also learns motor skills and trains its hand-eye coordination.
  • Children’s cutlery made of plastic is usually recommended for their first attempts.
  • Older children from around 4 years of age can already use stainless steel cutlery.
  • Make sure that the materials are free of harmful substances. This is guaranteed by test seals such as the GS seal.
  • Children’s cutlery has rounded corners and edges so that your child cannot injure himself. However, this also means that the knives cannot be used to cut, as the blade is blunt for the child’s safety.
  • Many have non-slip handles to make it easier to hold onto the cutlery.
  • Children’s cutlery should comply with the European standard EN 14372.
  • If it has this mark, it meets the safety requirements of children’s cutlery for children up to 36 months of age in terms of design, function and packaging.
  • Children’s cutlery should be well-made and sturdy, which is the only way to ensure that it is unbreakable and will not splinter. Look out for common test seals.
  • The design of children’s cutlery is versatile.
  • Individual cutlery sets have different patterns and motifs, which are integrated in color or as engravings on the handles of the knife, fork and spoon.
  • Some manufacturers also offer the option of individual and personal engraving.

Here you can find the top 10 among the most popular children’s cutlery.

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Current Offers For Children Cutlery

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Children’s Cutlery section.

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FAQ About Children’s Cutlery

How do I get my child to eat for themselves?

Colorful cutlery and new “toys” are always an incentive for children. Plus, your child is watching you eat and wants to eat with cutlery, just like you. You can find a great selection of children’s cutlery in our product recommendations, which will also help your child to eat by themselves.

From when children cutlery?

From the age of about one year, you can offer your child cutlery at mealtimes, because it will follow your behavior. Children’s cutlery is most suitable then because it is ergonomically designed for children’s hands.

Children’s cutlery: Until when?

Children’s cutlery can be used as long as your child wants it. As a rule, it is used up to about 8 years.

When do children learn to eat for themselves?

At the age of 1 to 2 years, most children learn how to use cutlery and can eat independently with a spoon, even if it usually requires many attempts. Our recommendations provide you with the perfect cutlery to give your child the best possible support.

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