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The 12 Best Window Cleaners – Guide

Clean windows are part of a clean household for many. Do you want to make your cleaning tasks easier? Find out here what you need to look out for when buying window cleaners and what criteria you can use to recognize good window cleaners.

We have not only compiled a checklist with the most important criteria for window cleaners but also many product recommendations for you. We will help you to choose the right window cleaner.

Checklist For Window Cleaners

Clean Windows
  • The most important criterion for a window cleaner is, of course, that the windows are clean after cleaning and do not have any unsightly streaks and stripes.
  • There are individual devices to buy or sets, such as the FenWi window cleaner professional set.
  • If a telescopic pole is included, it is usually between 70cm – 200cm long. There are also extra long versions that measure up to 400cm, like the FenWi set mentioned above.
Window Wiper
  • There are classic window wipers. They have a microfiber fabric cover with which the dirt is removed from the window.
  • A squeegee is then used to remove the excess water and ensure streak-free cleanliness.
  • Often, these wipers have a rod as an extension, so you can get to high windows without much effort.
Battery-Powered Window Vacuums
  • In principle, window vacuums work like window squeegees.
  • However, with them, the dirty water is sucked in directly during the extraction process. This prevents the dirty water from running down the window.
  • There are window cleaning kits that can include the following things:
    • Microfiber cloth.
    • adjustable telescopic rod (sometimes with an angle joint).
    • Rubber lips.
    • Bucket.
    • Squeegee.
  • In the case of window vacuums, the sets consist of various attachments and/or a spray bottle.

Here you can find the top 12 most popular window cleaners.

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The Best Sellers Of Window Cleaners

We have compiled the most popular window cleaners for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Window Cleaner

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the window cleaner section.

SaleBestseller Nr. 4
Sprayway, Glass Cleaner, 19 Oz Cans, Pack of 2
Sprayway, Glass Cleaner, 19 Oz Cans, Pack of 2
No ammonia; Clean fresh fragrance; Streakless - Leaves no residue; Great For mirrors, windows and oem-tinted windows
$13.99 −21%
SaleBestseller Nr. 8
Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle, Bottle Made from 100% Recovered Coastal Plastic, Original Blue, 23 fl oz (Pack of 6)
Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle, Bottle Made from 100% Recovered Coastal Plastic, Original Blue, 23 fl oz (Pack of 6)
Committed to bottles made from 100% recovered coastal plastic*; Windex Glass Cleaner leaves an unbeatable streak-free shine**​
$28.58 −27%

FAQ About Window Cleaner

Why do I need a window cleaner?

A window cleaner makes cleaning windows much easier, which is why many households can no longer do without one. If you prefer cleaning by other means, that’s perfectly fine, because everyone has their individual preferences when it comes to cleaning. However, if you are dissatisfied with the cleaning performance of your method, take a look at our product recommendations. Here you will surely find what you are looking for.

What types of window cleaners are there?

There are window vacuums and window wipers. For supportive cleaning , a window squeegee is also used, which removes water residue and thus prevents streaks.

What does a window cleaner cost?

Depending on the model and brand, the price of a window cleaner varies. Most window cleaners are priced between 60 and 100 euros. The cordless vacuum cleaner from Kärcher (from our product recommendations) is priced at 52 euros and even has a compartment for cleaning concentrate.

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