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The 8 Best Freezers For Families – Guidebook

A freezer is worth its weight in gold for food storage. Especially as a family with many people living in the same household, it is not always easy to have the right food in the house. A freezer makes long-term food storage possible.

The selection is large and the purchase decision is not always easy. In order for you and your family to find the right freezer, various other factors should be right in addition to the dimensions and price. We have summarized the most important factors in our checklist. In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best models for you. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these freezers.

Checklist For Freezer

Volume Size
  • Realistically estimate how much frozen food you want to store. As a rule, about 40 to 60 liters of volume per (adult) person are estimated.
  • Keep in mind that even frozen food has a shelf life and almost every freezer needs to be defrosted once a year.
  • If the volume is too large, you’ll lose track more quickly and food may spoil. In addition, you pay more electricity costs, the larger the device and consumption. 100 unnecessary liters of volume increase electricity consumption by 25%.
Power Consumption
  • The more economical the power consumption, the cheaper it is to run the freezer.
  • You can usually find the energy efficiency class on the front of the device.
  • Important: The energy classes such as: A++ were replaced in March 2021! From now on, there are new energy efficiency labels. The new scale ranges from A to G and is supposed to be even more informative.
  • A denotes the best energy efficiency and G the worst.
Noise Level
  • If the freezer is located in the basement or garage, this factor matters less. However, if the appliance is to be located in the inhabited area, it should not be louder than the refrigerator. The noise level is specified in decibels (dB). Below 40 dB is ideal. Around 40 dB corresponds to soft music or a quiet conversation. Above 50 dB, it becomes unpleasant in the long run.
User-Friendly Design
  • Compartments or drawers? Think for a moment about the things you want to freeze (such as noisy pizza boxes or small baby formula bags) and what layout and features would be easiest for you to use. Drawers are considered better because they make it easier to keep track of things when the appliance is full. Some units offer a flexible division of compartments and drawers for maximum variability.
Freezer Speed
  • If you want to freeze a lot of freshly cooked food, you should choose a freezer that freezes food quickly. Fast freezing ensures high quality.
  • Automatic defrost/no-freeze, ice cube maker, interior light or door display – such extras make family life easier. Which extras are worth the extra charge?
Door Hinge
  • Where should the freezer be placed and in which direction should the door open? The door hinge is not changeable on every appliance.
Fault Behavior
  • Is there a warning signal if the kids accidentally leave the door open? What does the freezer do when the power goes out? To prevent your frozen food from defrosting prematurely or even spoiling, the behavior factor should be right in the event of a malfunction.

We have compiled the best and most interesting freezers for families. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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FAQ About The Freezer

What temperature should the freezer be?

A freezer should not be warmer than -18 degrees Celsius.

How long does a freezer need until it is cold?

A freezer should be cold after a period of approximately 4 to 6 hours.

How cold should a freezer be?

A freezer should be at least -18 degrees cold.

Defrost the freezer: How often?

At least once a year, the freezer should be defrosted.

Defrosting the freezer: How

If the freezer is empty and turned off, you can put containers of hot water in the freezer to speed up the melting process. Make sure that you catch the melt water and that it does not run into the apartment. Once all the ice has melted, you can turn the freezer back on and let it cool for 4 to 6 hours. Then it is ready for use again.

Defrosting the freezer: How long?

A freezer needs to defrost until you can loosen the ice from the cabinet and remove all icing. You can speed up the process by placing containers of cold water in the cabinet.

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