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The 8 Best Barbecue Brushes – Guide

You forgot to clean your grill after the last barbecue? Stubborn grease residues are difficult to remove with rags or sponges. Barbecue brushes can help by removing even stubborn food residue. Find out everything you need to know about grill brushes in our checklist. We have put together a great selection of different barbecue brushes for you in our product recommendations.

Checklist for Barbecue Brushes

  • A classic grill brush is usually used to scrub and clean grills. They are suitable for all types of grills. This includes, for example, porcelain grills or smoker grills.
  • However, a grill brush is also suitable for use in the kitchen, as an oven can be cleaned just as well with it.
  • The length of the handle and the partial bristles attached to the head of the brush make it easy to remove stubborn dirt even from hard-to-reach and hidden places.
  • A simple barbecue brush consists of a plastic handle and a fixed wire, on which there are many hard bristles all around. This variant is also good for removing dirt from corners and edges.
  • Other versions, on the other hand, have a wide head with bristles on the underside. These are more like a classic brush and are mainly suitable for cleaning flat surfaces.
  • The most efficient variants of barbecue brushes have several, thick wires, each of which has many partial bristles in all directions. With this shape, more surface area can be cleaned and it is easier when you want to apply more pressure to certain areas.
  • Grill brushes are available in many different lengths. Most of the time, they range between 30 – 50 cm. However, some products can be a little shorter or longer.
  • The handle of the brush should be plastic and ribbed for a good grip. The wire is ideally made of stainless steel for durability.
  • As a useful bonus, some versions have a grill scraper that can be used to scrape burnt-on residue from surfaces. This allows you to effectively clean stove tops , for example.
  • The length you should choose for your brush depends on the size of your grill or oven. The larger the areas to be cleaned and the more difficult it is to reach the rearmost parts, the longer the brush should be.

We have compiled the best and most interesting barbecue brushes. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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FAQ About Grill Brushes

How do I clean a grill?

If the grill is cleaned directly after use, a wet rag or cloth is usually sufficient. Stubborn food and grease residues can only be removed with a grill brush and its robust bristles.

Which grill brush is the best?
Which is the best grill brush depends on the budget as well as the intended use. For large cleaning areas, brushes with long bristles and a wide head are suitable. You can find a selection of practical grill brushes in our product recommendations.

Which grill brush for a gas grill?
For a gas grill with a stainless steel grill grate, a stainless steel grill brush is also suitable for cleaning the surface.

Which grill brush for cast iron grill?
Since cast iron is very sensitive, a brass grill brush should be used here to avoid damaging the surface.

Which grill brush for enamel?
Since enamel is not very forgiving of scratches, a grill brush with very soft bristles, such as nylon, should be used. Beforehand, the grease residues should be soaked to facilitate cleaning.

Which grill brush for stainless steel grate?
A sturdy stainless steel grill brush is recommended for stainless steel grates.

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