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The 8 Best Automatic Dehydrators – Guidebook

Your harvest was successful and you don’t manage to eat all the food before it goes bad? A dehydrator preserves your food so that you can eat it years later.

Our product recommendations give you a good selection of dehydrators.

Checklist for Dehydrators

The Right Temperature
  • To be able to preserve many different foods for a long time with an automatic dehydrator, its operating temperature should be adjustable from 40 to 70°C.
  • Relatively prompt and uniform preservation by dehydration is achieved by models with a circulating air function.
  • Devices with an integrated timer are practical.
  • Relatively long run times between 24 and 99 hours are helpful.
  • Some models with a digital control panel come with a memory function for previously set temperature and time settings.
  • Less functions offer you copies with analog control panel. Here, the time and temperature are simply set separately using a dial.
Size and Cost
  • Most automatic dehydrators work on several levels.
  • Especially common in the lower price segment are models with a stacking system.
  • More flexible and suitable for larger foods are slide-in systems with pull-out slide-in grids.
  • Vending machines with BPA-free components that can be cleaned in the dishwasher are recommended.
  • You can get a cheap dehydrator for occasional use from 20 to 50 euros. Larger models are available from 70 euros. Professional models, on the other hand, cost between 150 and 500 euros.
Performance and Hygiene
  • Compact dehydrators have a relatively low heating power of 250 to 500 watts.
  • Larger versions reach up to 650 watts.
  • Devices with very many levels and a large interior can provide 1,000 watts and more.
  • Each dehydrator should be able to be disassembled after use for easy cleaning .
  • You may want to look for parts that are dishwasher safe.
  • Models with grid levels should ideally have stainless steel components.
  • You should also pay attention to the collection container. This is where condensate, meat and fruit juices collect. It should be large enough and easy to pull out for cleaning.

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FAQ About Dehydrators

How does a dehydrator work?

Most common are dehydrators, which are operated like an oven. A heating element is heated, which heats the ambient air. Through this, the warm air is evenly distributed and all floors of the dehydrator are reached, so the food can be dehydrated.

Drying apples in the dehydrator – how long?
Apples should be dried at about 70 °C for 4 to 5 hours.

What is a dehydrator?
A dehydrator is a kitchen appliance for drying various foods. You can think of it like an oven. Heating elements in the dehydrator ensure that the ambient temperature is increased and the entire interior of the dehydrator is evenly dehydrated.

Drying rose hips in the dehydrator – how long?
At about 70 °C rose hips should be dried for about 5 hours.

How does a dehydrator work?
A dehydrator uses heating elements to create a uniform ambient temperature inside the dehydrator, which dehydrates the food.

What can be dried in a dehydrator?
Besides very common dried fruits, such as apricots, dates, bananas, apples, figs, grapes, which become raisins, and plums, but also almost all other types of fruit can be dried in a dehydrator.

How long to dry fruit in the dehydrator?
The duration depends on the particular fruit and the temperature. Basically, fruit should be dried at 35 to 70 °C for about 3 to 5 hours.

How many watts should a dehydrator have?
Most automatic dehydrators have between 350 and 700 watts. The wattage varies with the size of the model.

Drying mushrooms in a dehydrator – how long?
Mushrooms should be dried at 40 °C for between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the type.

Drying tomatoes in a dehydrator – how long?
Tomatoes should be dried at about 50 °C for 10 hours.

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