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The 8 Best Irons – Guidebook

Good laundry care includes a powerful iron. So that you don’t damage your favorite pieces when ironing, we have summarized the best irons for you here at a glance.

In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best models for you. You will surely find what you are looking for in these irons.

Checklist For Irons

The Handling
  • The iron should not be too heavy and, above all, it should fit comfortably in your hand. A long cable gives you more freedom of movement. Standard here are two meters. Newer models are also available cordless.
The Drip Stop
  • Irons with a drip stop offer the advantage that no more water drips out at low temperatures.
The Water Tank
  • It should be able to hold at least 300 mm of water and have a sufficiently large filling opening . A transparent tank is advantageous so that you can keep an eye on the water level. Removable tanks make filling easier. Even if today’s devices can work with tap water.
  • Tap water contains a lot of lime and can quickly clog the nozzles. We advise you to use distilled water. An anti-scale function, which filters the lime out of the water, is also practical.
The Tip
  • Make sure that there are steam nozzles at the tip of the iron as well, because this is where the iron gets particularly hot and can cause minor burn marks.
The Temperature Control
  • The temperature can be regulated on most devices via a rotary dial. Some models also have an electronic keypad, steam ironing stations even have a versatile automatic program.
The Coating
  • The ironing soleplate has a special coating that protects it from dirt and scratches. Most often, this is made of ceramic, enamel or mother-of-pearl. Many manufacturers use imaginative proper names for identification here.
The soleplate
  • The soleplate is made of aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic.
  • Aluminum is inexpensive, scratch-resistant, but glides less well. Stainless steel, on the other hand, glides well but is heavy. Ceramic is unfortunately more expensive, but extremely dirt-repellent.
The Steam
  • The older devices that worked only with heat have largely disappeared. Today, people iron with steam.
  • Steam irons are equipped with either a removable or an integrated water tank. The most important factor is the amount of steam. Usually, this is around 40 grams per minute. An additional steam blast of approx. 100 grams per minute smooth even stubborn wrinkles. Steam ironing stations produce constant stream at up to 120 grams per minute and a steam burst at up to 340 grams per minute. The capacity of the water tank is also significantly larger. In the case of the iron, the supply of up to 350 mm is used up after about 10 minutes, while in the case of the steam ironing station with about 2000 mm, it is used up only after about an hour.

We have compiled the best and most interesting irons . You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Irons

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular irons for you.

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Current Offers On Irons

You can find the best current offers on irons in this list.

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BLACK+DECKER Xpress Steam Cord Reel Iron with Nonstick Soleplate, Blue, ICR16X
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FAQ About Irons

How much does an iron cost?

Irons range in price from 35 euros to 100 euros.

What kind of water goes into an iron?

You should not fill an iron with tap water. In the best case you use distilled water or bottled ironing water – this is also scented.

Where can I buy an iron?

Irons can be bought in retail stores or on the Internet. Buying on the Internet has the advantage that you can see direct customer reviews. In addition, you can make direct price comparisons and find the best product for you. In our product recommendations, we have already compiled the best irons for you.

What do you have to look for in an iron?

When buying an iron, you should pay attention to the coating, a sufficiently long cable, the soleplate and the steam. You can find detailed information about this in our checklist!

Can a steam iron also be used for dry ironing?

Yes! Most steam irons have different settings. Often, the first stage does not yet use steam, which is why it is suitable for dry ironing.

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