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The 8 Best Pipe Cleaners – Guide

Every household knows it: The water no longer flows properly. For this purpose, there are pipe cleaners that dissolve residues in the pipe in a very short time and thus destroy blockages and bad odors. To make your decision easier and to give you a better overview of the different pipe cleaners, we have taken a closer look at pipe cleaners and compared individual products.

In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best pipe cleaners for you. In this way, you are sure to find a suitable pipe cleaner for your purposes, with which you can do your work quickly and professionally.

Checklist For Pipe Cleaners

How It Works
  • Pipe cleaner and water form a caustic lye that destroys and removes organic compounds in the pipe.
  • Use in the kitchen (against clogging caused by food).
  • Use in the bathroom (Against clogging, e.g. by hair in the sink).
  • Keep out of reach of children. Most cleaners also have a safety cap.
  • In addition, never pour the pipe cleaner into the toilet or shower: The caustic lye may not drain or may drain poorly, causing damage through the eyes and skin. It can also harden and cause irreversible damage.
  • Bevery careful and/or use gloves.
  • Donot leave residue in the sink: When using, make sure the product only goes into the pipe.
  • Usually foul odor: Best to close door, open window and stay out of room.
  • Pipe cleaner contains potassium or sodium hydroxide (corrosive).
  • Chlorine and oxidants are also possible.
  • Sustainability: Many pipe cleaners are very aggressive and harm the environment. That’s why there are also sustainable cleaners, like the one from bio-chem from our product recommendations.

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The Best Sellers Of Pipe Cleaners For Home Craftsmen

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular pipe cleaners for you.

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Current Offers Of Pipe Cleaners For Do-It-Yourselfers

Here you will find a collection of current offers on pipe cleaners.

FAQ About Pipe Cleaners

Why should pipe cleaners not be used in toilets?

Pipe cleaners must never be used in the toilet, as corrosive alkaline solutions are formed. These can not flow off, so that eyes and skin will be cauterized. There are special cleaners for cleaning toilets.

How does pipe cleaner work?

The aim of the pipe cleaner is to destroy organic compounds. It has a strong corrosive effect together with water and outside the pipes it destroys all living things.

Are there sustainable pipe cleaners?

Yes. Due to the high environmental impact of some manufacturers, sustainable products have also been developed. They clean just as well and pollute the environment much less than their competitors.

What types of pipe cleaners are there?

Manual and chemical pipe clean ers can be found on the market. Manual cleaners include the Industrial RoPump and the Industrial Compressed Air Pipe Cleaner (both from Rothenberger). However, they are usually only used for pipe blockages, which is why the chemical version is used more in everyday life.

Can a pipe get clogged by pipe cleaner?

If you use too much of the cleaner, it gets too hot in the pipe and crystallizes . This causes the pipe to clog. Then you have to run some hot water and hope that this will break up the blockage. Therefore: Always check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully!

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