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The 8 Best Meditation Cushions – Guidebook

The 8 Best Meditation Cushions – Guidebook

Meditating has become a trend – and rightly so! Because meditation trains mindfulness and is good for the soul. Whether in connection with yoga or just for fun: A meditation cushion supports your body while sitting and relieves – depending on the design – specific body regions. To help you find the right meditation cushion for your needs, we have created a comprehensive checklist. Our recommendations for specific cushions should also support you in your choice.

So you can find the right cushion today and soon enjoy a whole new meditation experience.

Checklist For Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushion For Relaxation
  • Regular meditation can have a positive effect on body, mind and soul, not only in the classic cross-legged seat on level ground.
  • With a special cushion, meditation becomes a perfect relaxation.
Sitting Posture
  • The meditation cushion supports your body during the quiet meditation session in which you do not move. Your sitting position remains naturally upright on the cushion, so you protect your joints and spine.
  • Finally, the correct posture also leads to the relaxation of your back and leg muscles, which you feel like a pleasant loosening.
  • When you have found your individual posture on your meditation cushion, you even relieve your intervertebral discs permanently.
Classic Meditation Cushions
  • Most meditators use round cushions that raise the sitting position by ten, 15 or 20 centimeters. After sitting on the large round seat, cross your legs comfortably in front of you in either a cross-legged or lotusposition.
  • Over time, you will master these sitting postures with both your right and left leg in the forward position.
  • The slight elevation therefore also promotes your mobility. The meditation cushions with a height of 15 centimeters are the most common.
Half Moon Cushion
  • For yogis with hip problems, the wide half-moon cush ions are more suitable.
  • When sitting, your thighs also rest on the cushion, so your hips are stabilized.
  • You will also find it easier to sit cross-legged or in the lotus position on a half-moon cushion. You will find the right position almost intuitively.
Rectangular Meditation Cushion
  • The rectangular meditation cushion is helpful in various positions, as it supports your neck when lying down and relieves your knee joints when kneeling.
Zafu Meditation Cushion
  • Like the Indians, the Japanese also know the beneficial properties of mediation.
  • The Japanese Zafu meditation cushion has vertical folds on the sides that stretch during your Zen session and adjust to your individual position.
Filling Of The Meditation Cushion
  • Inside the visually appealing meditation pillows are usually natural materials such as spelt, buckwheat or kapok fibers.

We have compiled the best and most interesting meditation cushions. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.