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The 10 Best Tennis Bags – Guide

Tired of carrying your tennis rackets without protection? Tennis bags is the best thing to have. In a checklist we have summarized everything you need to know about tennis bags. You can find a selection of practical tennis bags in our product recommendations.

Checklist for tennis bags

  • Most tennis bags have a length between about 75 and 85 cm. This length is necessary to be able to comfortably store tennis rackets.
  • The other dimensions, such as width and height , depend on the overall volume and other features of the bag.
Number of Tennis Rackets
  • An important criterion when choosing a tennis bag is the number of tennis rackets you can carry in it.
  • In small, narrow tennis bags fit up to 3 tennis rackets.
  • In larger bags fit 6, 9, 12 or even more tennis rackets, depending on the manufacturer. The more rackets fit into the bag, the wider the bag is.
  • In addition to the tennis rackets fit in a well-equipped tennis bag tennis clothing, tennis balls, shoes and other utensils. Practical are bags that have their own inner compartments and inner pockets for the various items or even a large outer pocket
  • Inner pockets should be able to be closed individually with Velcro or zipper
  • A so-called shoe tunnel is also practical. It is used for separate storage of tennis shoes, so that the rest of the contents do not get dirty.
Backpack Function
  • Tennis bags with backpack function are very practical and comfortable to carry. You can carry them like a normal bag on the short hand straps, on a shoulder strap or like a backpack on your back.
Material und Fabric
  • The material of tennis bags should be tear-resistant and weatherproof. Therefore, many tennis bags are made of nylon or polyester fabric . Nylon and polyester are two very durable and robust materials. Despite their high tensile strength, they are very light.
  • When it comes to color, there are almost no limits to your choices. You can get tennis bags in bright, shiny and muted colors.
  • Last but not least, when choosing a tennis bag, you should pay attention to the weight of the bag.
  • Depending on what material the bag is made of and what other features it offers, a small tennis bag for 3 rackets without contents can be heavier than a tennis bag for 6 or 9 rackets.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular tennis bags.

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The Best Sellers Of Tennis Bags

We have compiled the most popular tennis bags.

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Current Offers For Tennis Bags

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the tennis bags.

FAQ About Tennis Bags

How do I pack my tennis bag?
How you pack your tennis bag is not important, as long as all necessary utensils find place. It is recommended to separate clean and dirty after the sport – if the tennis bag allows it.

Tennis bag – what size?
The size depends on how many rackets you want to transport with it. Also, additional accessories such as tennis shoes and tennis clothes must find room in the bag. In our product recommendations we have put together tennis bags in different sizes for you.

How do you carry a tennis bag?
A tennis bag is basically carried with one hand. Some models have an additional backpack function, with which the tennis bag can also be transported on the back.

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