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The 10 Best Stair Guards – Guide

Children explore their world, which is why you should not leave your child unattended if you have stairs in the house. However, this is sometimes not so easy, which is why a stair guard can help. This way, you can prevent your child from falling down the stairs or blocking their access to potentially dangerous rooms. But when buying a stair guard, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your child can’t climb under the guard after all.

We have compiled a checklist of all the factors you need to consider. The product recommendations serve to show you concrete examples of stair guards. So your child will soon be safe from any danger in the house!

Checklist For Stair Guards

  • There are stair gates for drilling or for clamping. Stair gates for drilling have an optimal hold, but also leave traces. If you live in a rented apartment, you should consult with your landlord before installing them
  • Very popular are models for clamping. You do not need any tools. A clamping bolt provides the necessary stability. Alternatively, there are also staircase protection blinds, which must also be attached by drilling.
  • By the way: In contrast to the screwed versions, stair gates for clamping always have a threshold, which can easily become a tripping hazard. Experts recommend a stair gate for clamping for the staircase, and a gate without a threshold for the staircase descent.
  • Stair gates should always be higher than 60 cm, the minimum requirement for children up to 2 years old is actually even 65 cm. For older children, a height of 80 cm is advantageous. The required width depends on the respective structural conditions. Most door gates can be adjusted. In addition, many manufacturers offer extensions that can extend the grille by up to 50 cm.
  • Usually, the stair gate is used for children up to 2 years of age. Some children outsmart the grille earlier – others later. So”stair training” can’t begin soon enough.
  • Check to see if the grate has sharp corners and edges. Don’t forget the hinges. Make sure the material does not contain any harmful substances. Children love to explore the world with their mouths. Natural wood is a good recommendation. Paint should meet the European standard EN 71-3. A GS seal gives you tested safety. Make sure that it is installed properly and that your child cannot crawl under the grille.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the stair guard is only suitable for indoor use. If you have an open staircase and can’t install a grille, a configuration gr ille could be a possible solution, which allows you to delimit the area generously. Unlike a blind, a stair gate gives you a clear view and also serves as a standing aid for your child.

Here you can find the top 10 among the most popular stair guards.

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The Best Sellers Of Stair Guards

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Current Offers For Stair Guard

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FAQ For Stair Guards

What is a stair guard?

A stair guard is a frame that is designed to protect your child from falling. It can also be used to prevent your child from entering certain rooms

How long should a stair gate be used?

A stair guard should be used up to the age of 2 years. Of course, it can also be used after that age. However, older children usually quickly figure out how to open the stair guard. In addition, they are usually already able to walk up and down stairs and are more likely to understand that they are not allowed to enter certain rooms or that they are only allowed to enter them when you are with them

How to fix the stair guard?

Stair guards can be clamped into the door frame or between the stair posts. There is the possibility of drilling or clamping. Clamping models are recommended, as you do not need any tools. When drilling, however, the stair guard usually leaves unsightly traces. Therefore, you should consider in advance whether you want to use this variant

Which stair guards are the best?

There is no general answer to this question. However, stair guards made of natural wood are recommended. It should also be free of harmful substances and have a GS seal. This way, nothing can happen to your child if it chews on the stair guard

How much does a stair gate cost?

The price of a stair guard can vary depending on the material. Inexpensive models are already available at 20 euros. Depending on the width, however, such a grille can cost up to 50 euros or more

What material should a stair guard be made of?

Child safety gates can be made of wood, plastic or even metal. It should be robust, but have no sharp corners or edges. Otherwise you run the risk of your child getting seriously injured

How big should a stair guard be?

The stair guard should be at least 60 centimeters high for younger children from the age of 2. Older children, on the other hand, need a height of 80 centimeters, otherwise they could climb over the stair guard and their safety is no longer guaranteed

When should a stair guard be installed?

As soon as your baby can crawl, it makes sense to install a stair guard in dangerous places. This way you can ensure that he or she does not hurt themselves or fall down the stairs

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