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The 11 Best Thermos Containers – Guidebook

Thermal containers offer great convenience: you can take your food and drinks with you without them changing their temperature. However, since there is an immense selection of good products nowadays, we have taken a closer look at thermal containers for you and compared individual products. Here you will find the best thermal containers!

In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best models for you. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these thermal containers.

Checklist For Thermal Containers

  • Thermal containers have a so-called double wall made of stainless steel.
  • This means that a vacuum is formed between this wall.
  • This ensures that the heat inside the container does not escape to the outside.
  • In addition, the containers should be very tight.
  • Don’t worry: stainless steel is free of plastic izers or other harmful substances.
  • Most thermal containers have a capacity of about 500 ml up to 1.5. l
  • Unsure how much capacity you really need?
  • 500 ml is roughly equivalent to a small PET bottle, while 1.5 l is equivalent to a large drinking bottle.
Opening Mechanisms
  • Push cap, screw cap or lid (with seal or to put over).
  • Thermal containers must be able to keep drinks or even food hot or cold for several hours.
  • at best dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel is super suitable for this, it is also very durable and robust.
  • Taste, odor and pollutant neutrality is a must!
  • Stainless steel thermo mugs will last you for many years.
  • High-quality thermo mugs keep warm for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.
  • In containers with double wall, an additional copper layer improves the insulating performance.
  • You can find thermo containers in these different designs:
  • Thermos bottle.
  • Thermos mug.
  • Thermos jug.
  • Coffee-to-go cup.
  • Pump jug.
  • Outdoor thermos.
  • Thermos bowl.
  • There are models that have different compartments: for example, cereal bowls that are ideal for college. Sometimes it even includes a spoon that you can clip to the side.
  • For the office and school , thermo bowls are especially good, because you can also take soups with them.
  • You can also purchase sets. Most sets have at least one thermal bowl, a thermal mug and a thermal bottle.

We have compiled the best and most interesting thermal containers. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Thermal Containers

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular thermal containers for you.

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Current Offers Of Thermo Containers

You can find the best current offers on thermal containers in this list.

FAQ For Thermal Containers

How long do thermal containers keep food warm?

Thermal containers keep food warm for about 8-12 hours. As a rule, keep cool is always twice too high. Thus, high-quality containers keep warm up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.

How does a thermal container work?

Most thermal containers consist of a double wall (Dewar vessel). Between the two walls is a vacuum, which ensures that the internal and external temperatures do not equalize. The temperature conduction is thus interrupted. In addition, the closure is airtight. Due to a silver layer on the inner wall, the temperature of the content is reflected: somier content warms/cools itself.

What is available for thermal containers?

Almost every container is also available as a thermal variant, for example: thermos bottles, thermo mugs, thermo jugs, coffee-to-go mugs, pump jugs, outdoor thermo jugs, thermo bowls, etc.

How to clean thermo mugs?

If the container is not dishwasher safe, you can use vinegar to clean it. You can soak warm water and vinegar in the container and then wash it off. Salt also cleans thoroughly and reliably. For this, dissolve 2 tablespoons in hot water, let it soak and rinse.

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