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The 8 Best Air Field Hockey Tables For Home – Guide

Get the air field hockey at home. You can choose between different models, depending on your space and preferences. Our checklist will help you decide and make your purchase easier.

In addition, the product recommendations that show you the best air field hockey tables will help.

Checklist For Air Field Hockey Tables

Types Of Air Field Hockey Tables
  • Air field hockey table pads fit on any table with dimensions of about 50 x 30 cm. They are inexpensive and ideal for air field hockey fans who do not have space for a real table.
  • Mini air field hockey tables, like the table pads, are recommended for children 6 years and older. In these compact and relatively light variants, weighing about 2.5 kilograms, the air blower is less powerful than in large tables, on which the puck is strongly accelerated. Kids do easier with a slower gliding puck.
  • Full-size arcade tables resemble professional versions from arcades. They are significantly larger than children’s models and take up more space. Calculate at least 2.50 m in length and 1.50 m in width. In order for the players to move around the table safely, you should add 1.5 meters per side.
  • If you want to switch between air field hockey, table soccer, table tennis and billiards, a multigame table is the right choice. But be careful: Such tables usually don’t have a blower, so the air field hockey game doesn’t glide so well.
  • Most air field hockey tables are made of plastic, wood or a combination of the two materials. Plastic models are cheaper and easier to maintain, wooden variants are more elegant and robust, but also more time-consuming to maintain.
  • The table legs should be made of solid wood, metal or steel . For boards that cushion the puck well, aluminum proves its worth.
  • All components of the air field hockey table must be free of harmful substances. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s statements in this regard and especially to the corresponding seals.
Playing Field And Scoreboard
  • The majority of air field hockey tables have a flat playing field. Rarely, you can also find versions with a concave surface. These are more challenging to play and therefore more suitable for advanced players.
  • Traditional – analog – sliding counter or modern – digital – display: Which form do you prefer for scorekeeping? The digital solution is more practical, the analog one generally cheaper.
Extras And Scope Of Delivery
  • If you want a large air field hockey table despite the lack of space, you should look for a foldable model.
  • Every air field hockey table set comes with at least two sticks and a puck. However, it is better if four sticks and several pucks (two to four) are included. Then you can play two-on-two with your loved ones and be equipped in case a puck gets lost or broken.

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