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The 8 Best Basketball Jerseys – Guide

If you like playing basketball yourself or just want to feel like you belong to your favorite team, a basketball jersey can be the right choice for you. You can also wear it in everyday life, for example, if you choose one made of cotton, which is characterized by its pleasant wearing comfort. If you want to play actively yourself, a jersey made of polyester can also come into question.

To help you choose the right jersey, we have listed the most important aspects that you should consider when buying a basketball jersey. With the help of our product recommendations, you can then take a closer look at specific examples.

Checklist Basketball Jerseys

Original versus replica and material
  • Basketball jerseys are available as originals and replicas. The former correspond exactly to the models worn by professionals on the court. They cost considerably more.
  • In the case of replicas, you should take a close look at the material. Make sure that they are made of high quality materials and do not contain plasticizers or other harmful chemicals.
  • Basketball jerseys are typically made of polyester – a durable synthetic fiber that excels in moisture-wicking properties.
  • Some fan jerseys , on the other hand, are made entirely or partially of cotton . This is a natural fiber known for its soft feel and high skin tolerance as well as pleasant wearing comfort. However, the material is not suitable for athletic use.
Design and Appearance
  • You can choose between different necklines: round neck or V-neck. The round neck is more classic, the V-neck more elegant.
  • There are several types of jerseys. You can buy an ordinary basketball jersey without a specific team affiliation, or you can buy a model from a well-known team, for example from the American NBA or the German BBL.
  • In the case of team-related basketball jerseys, you can choose between blank variants and versions with a number and a player’s name.
  • Basketball team jerseys usually appear in a new design for every season. However, you can often buy older models at a discounted price.
Size and Fit
  • Basketball jerseys are usually available for adults and for children.
  • The jerseys for adults are commonly available in sizes S to XL , and depending on the model, also in undersizes and oversizes from 2XS up to 5XL.
  • As for the children’s j erseys, the spectrum usually ranges from 116 to 176, but in some cases you can also find basketball jerseys in baby sizes.
  • As for adult jerseys, there are differences between men’s and women’s models. In terms of fit, the designs are tailored to the figure-specific characteristics of each gender . Thus, basketball jerseys for women present themselves partly slightly waisted and tighter cut.

We have compiled the best and most interesting basketball jerseys.

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The Best Sellers Of Basketball Jerseys

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FAQ Basketball Jerseys

What is a basketball jersey?

You can wear a basketball jersey if you actively play basketball yourself or want to support your favorite team in the stadium or at home. They come in many different colors and varieties. They can also be purchased from a special team (for example NBA).

How much does a basketball jersey cost?

A basketball jersey can cost up to 50 euros or more. The price depends on whether you choose a specific team or a blank jersey.

What does a basketball jersey look like?

A basketball jersey can have a round or a V-neck. Mostly, the special logo of the basketball club can also be seen on the jersey. It also features the colors that represent and are characteristic of the team.

What sizes of basketball jerseys are there?

Basically, a distinction is made between men’s and women’s jerseys. Women’s jerseys are usually cut a little tighter. Therefore, you should choose a size larger if the jersey should sit oversize. Mostly you can find the sizes S to 5XL for basketball jerseys. But also for children the purchase of such a jersey is possible: You can buy them in sizes 116 to 117.

What material is a basketball jersey made of?

Jerseys that you want to use actively for sports should in any case be made of 100 percent polyester, because this material wicks moisture away from the body. So you do not sweat even during strenuous activities. There are also jerseys made of cotton, which have a pleasant wearing comfort, but are unsuitable for sports, because you would sweat very quickly in them. On the other hand, for visiting the stadium or in everyday life, the jersey is well suited.

How is a basketball jersey designed?

You can choose a blank jersey, which does not have a back number or the name of a player on the back. However, you can just as easily support your favorite player by wearing a jersey with his name.

Should you choose an original or the replica?

Basically, you should always prefer to choose an original, as this is usually far better processed. You should therefore be suspicious if you find basketball jerseys that seem very cheap and reputable at first glance. Often, you will not have something from this jersey for a long time, because seams quickly come loose or it contains harmful substances.

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