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The 8 Best Basketball Shoes – Guide

Your child is a huge basketball fan and wants to shoot some baskets in his or her free time? Then it might be a good idea to think about buying some basketball shoes. Of course, they should have a good grip so that your child feels comfortable in the shoes for a longer period of time. Of course, the design must also be taken into account when choosing such a shoe.

We have listed the additional things to consider when buying a basketball shoe in a checklist. With the help of our product recommendations, you can also compare many different shoes and then make a decision.

Checklist Basketball Shoes

  • For the size , you should measure the width and length of the child’s feet.
  • A slight rolling space in the front of the foot is important so that the foot can move well.
  • The clearance can be 12 – 15 mm.
  • Models with laces allow the basketball shoes to be adjusted to the foot even better.
  • An additional Velcro fastener at ankle level is also helpful for a better fit.
Wearing Comfort
  • To function as a support in basketball , your child needs basketball shoes that are comfortable to wear.
  • They should have a non-slip sole that grips well on the gym floor.
  • The sturdy finish ensures that the basketball shoes will last for a long time.
  • You can look for the individual areas to be stitched and not glued. This can be seen in the seams.
  • Stitched se ams are much more robust than areas where the individual parts have been glued.
  • Integrated cushioning absor bs jumps.
  • Ankle protection reduces the risk of twisting an ankle.
  • Basketball shoes are exposed to high stress during training and games and should therefore be robust.
  • Leather is a suitable material.
  • Leather is breathable and therefore ensures a good climate in the shoe.
  • Basketball shoes made of plastic are less expensive, but are subject to wear more quickly and do not offer breathability.
  • For children, the design is also important when choosing basketball shoes.
  • There are models in bright colours or also monochrome designs. The colours of the team or the training clothes also play a role here.
  • Retro shoes are especially popular in basketball. Some of the models have been made by manufacturers for years.
  • There are also basketball shoes that you can design yourself. If your child has exact ideas about the colours and the look, this is a possible solution.

We have put together the best and most interesting basketball shoes.

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The Best Sellers Of Basketball Shoes

We have compiled the most popular basketball shoes for you in a list of bestsellers.

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Current Offers On Basketball Shoes

Find the best current offers on basketball shoes in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 2
adidas Unisex Harden Vol. 6 Basketball Shoe, Black/Black/White, 12 US Men
adidas Unisex Harden Vol. 6 Basketball Shoe, Black/Black/White, 12 US Men
James Harden basketball shoes made in part with recycled content.; Lace closure; Textile upper
$150.00 −63%
SaleBestseller Nr. 4
adidas Men's Ownthegame Shoes Basketball, Grey Five/Matte Gold/Core Black, 11.5
adidas Men's Ownthegame Shoes Basketball, Grey Five/Matte Gold/Core Black, 11.5
Men's basketball shoes for all-game comfort; BREATHABLE UPPER: Dual-material mesh upper offers breathable comfort
$70.00 −23%
SaleBestseller Nr. 5
adidas Unisex Dame 8 Basketball Shoe, White/Black/Grey, 11 US Men
adidas Unisex Dame 8 Basketball Shoe, White/Black/Grey, 11 US Men
Mesh Damian Lillard basketball shoes with dual-density cushioning; MESH UPPER: Air mesh upper for breathability and light weight
$130.00 −14%
SaleBestseller Nr. 6
Nike Mens Jordan XXXVI Basketball Shoes, Infrared 23/Infrared 23-Black, 8 M US
Nike Mens Jordan XXXVI Basketball Shoes, Infrared 23/Infrared 23-Black, 8 M US
See-through leno-weave upper is strong and ultra-lightweight; Wraparound ribbon of plastic helps to reinforce the materials
$97.24 −14%

FAQ Basketball Shoes

What are basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes are specially designed for basketball players, which is why they are best suited for this sport. They are available for both children and adults.

What size basketball shoes?

This depends on the individual and your shoe size. If you already have a pair of shoes that fits you very well, you can use this size as a guide. Alternatively, customer reviews in online shops can help, as they often report on how shoes from different manufacturers turn out. However, basketball shoes usually run a little smaller, so you may have to try on several sizes until the shoe fits perfectly. Alternatively, you can measure your child’s feet beforehand and determine the size.

Which basketball shoes should I buy?

Many different manufacturers offer basketball shoes. Choose a model in your size that fits you well and suits your taste. On this page, we have compiled the most popular and best models for you. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Why are basketball shoes high-cut?

Professional basketball shoes often reach up to the ankle and therefore protect your child more effectively from injuries. Note, however, that they are usually a little heavier and your child will have to get used to the extra weight. The shoe can also have laces or a Velcro fastener. The latter is particularly suitable for children who are not yet experienced in tying laces. If your child is older, you can also choose a model with laces. This allows the shoe to be better adjusted to the foot.

How do basketball shoes protect against injuries?

Most basketball shoes have a non-slip sole so that your child can move optimally on the indoor floor. The shoes should also be robust and sturdy so that they can withstand heavy loads for as long as possible. Therefore, make sure that the shoe has been carefully stitched. Glued areas can come loose much more quickly. If the shoes are cushioned, jumps can be absorbed well.

What material are basketball shoes made of?

Basketball shoes are often made of plastic or leather. Leather is very durable and breathable. However, such shoes are somewhat more expensive to buy. Basketball shoes made of plastic, on the other hand, are much cheaper, but are not necessarily characterised by their long durability. Therefore, the following principle applies here: quality before quantity! This is the only way to ensure that your child can wear the shoes for a long time.

What do basketball shoes look like?

Basketball shoes come in a wide variety of designs and colours. Retro models are also very popular again today and are eye-catching. If your child wants an individually designed shoe, they can even design it themselves with various manufacturers.

How much do basketball shoes cost?

Good, high-quality basketball shoes can cost up to 100 euros or more.

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