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The 8 Best Longboards – Guide

A longboard is perfect for beginners, as it is easy to learn and you can later acquire many different riding techniques. They also have great designs and often come with all kinds of accessories. However, to ensure that your safety is always guaranteed, you should pay attention to various things regarding the wheels and the width of the longboard.

Therefore, we have compiled a suitable checklist for you, which provides you with sufficient information about longboards. Our product recommendations will also help you with the decision-making process.

Longboard Checklist

Dead Weight And Load Weight
  • The basic idea that the tare weight increases with increasing quality also applies to longboards, but serves as a purchase criterion only to a limited extent. Because high-quality materials such as carbon and aluminum, for example, weigh much less than metal & Co. but still give the board a high degree of stability.
  • , Unlike bicycles and hoverboards, longboards weigh only a few kilograms. This makes transport easier. However, if your child regularly climbs stairs with the longboard, a comparison is worthwhile. Because the dead weight varies between 3 and 6 kg depending on the model.
  • Furthermore, the load weight must be taken into account. Here, the child should not exceed the recommended weight limit. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage, especially to the axles.
  • The term flex stands for flexibility. This is linked to the weight of the driver. The less the rider weighs, the more flexible the longboard can be. A high flex is considered knee-friendly because the board lowers when pushing off. The distance over which the knee is stretched decreases – as does the amount of force required. However, a high flex can cause the board to sag for a rider with a heavier weight. This has a negative effect on ease of navigation.
  • Load weight is also a factor to consider when choosing casters . Especially if you want to buy or replace a set of tires . In addition, the size is crucial: With every millimeter of tire diameter, the energy required to make a rim roll increases. Ergo, the tires of a children’s longboard should not be larger than 70 mm.
  • When it comes to design, there are no limits to taste. Freaky models in poison green, feminine versions in pink, and boards with cartoon characters, for example, there are plenty. Your child should find the longboard appealing, no question. But fancy designs carry the risk that the board will be “out” within a short time, as soon as the child’s taste or a trend changes.
Little Extras – Big Effect
  • Longboards can come with all kinds of accessories. A helmet and protectors, for example, are often found in starter sets . We advise buying them separately, as this life-saving equipment should fit 100% ! Reflectors on the wheels lend additional safety.
  • And if you like it electric, you can reach for an electric longboard . Make sure, however, that an electric longboard has received a road approval, unless your offspring should only jet on private property.

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FAQ About Longboards

What is a longboard?

Longboards are similar to classic skateboards, but are much longer than them. The so-called deck on which you ultimately stand, is usually made of maple wood or bamboo. Riding a longboard is not that difficult. Wen you have developed the right balance and a driving feel, you can also learn different driving techniques such as cruising or sliding.

How much does a longboard cost?

The price of a longboard depends on the quality and the materials used. Most are in a price range between 20 € and 400 €. There are many different models.

Skateboard or longboard?

The biggest difference between longboarding and skateboarding is that you can cover longer distances better and faster with the longboard than with the skateboard, because the big wheels go over smaller stones more easily.

How to ride a longboard?

You can learn different driving techniques. Sliding or cruising are very popular. When cruising, for example, you drive very relaxed through the streets and do not have to take your foot off the board with enough practice. Other techniques are pumping, dancing or freeride. If you are still unsure, however, you should first train the balance on the board before you deal with different driving options.

How big is a longboard?

The longboard should be selected according to your body size. But your own foot size can also play a decisive role in the width of the longboard. For teenagers and adults, for example, a 19-centimeter wide deck is recommended, while a 17.5-centimeter wide longboard is quite sufficient for schoolchildren. Therefore, before buying, pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications and the specified dimensions, so that your feet have enough space on the longboard.

How do you brake with a longboard?

First, you should practice the braking techniques so that you do not hurt yourself later at higher speeds. You can let the longboard roll out, stop the board by putting your foot on it or jump off. However, the latter option can also be dangerous, as you may risk a fall at high speeds. This option is therefore more suitable for advanced riders.

What kind of wheels does a longboard have?

Many wheels have a diameter of 65 to 77 millimeters. The perfect wheels for your longboard, however, does not exist. However, larger wheels have the advantage that they pick up speed very quickly. With small wheels, on the other hand, you can accelerate rapidly, but get stuck faster in bumps. Also, you must be aware that the wheels will not last forever with regular use and you may have to buy new ones.

What makes a good longboard?

You should definitely pay attention to the width, the wheels and the axles before buying. Some models are not suitable for every riding style and surface. For beginners, for example, a freeride model is suitable, since you have a good grip on it, can practice first small tricks and try yourself. For advanced riders, however, a downhill longboard is recommended, with which you can achieve high speeds. So think about what you want to use your longboard for later

What is the flex of the longboard?

The flex stands for the stability or deflection capacity of the longboard. You should make the stability dependent on your body weight. With a high flex in combination with a certain weight, it can otherwise easily happen that the board sags and you can no longer ride optimally.

How fast can a longboard go?

A longboard with relatively large wheels can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Such high speeds, however, you should only perform if you have been riding longboard for a long time and feel safe on it.

What accessories are available for longboards?

In any case, you should purchase a suitable helmet, if it is not included. Only in this way can you protect yourself from serious falls at high speeds. Knee or elbow pads can also be advantageous for your own safety, especially at the beginning. So that you can also be easily recognized in the evening, the purchase of reflectors on the wheels is possible.

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