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The 10 Best Awnings For Camping – Guidebook

The 10 Best Awnings For Camping – Guidebook

Awnings protect from sun and rain. They are mounted in front of the caravan or motor home and can be set up as additional storage space or a cozy living area. Here you will learn what to look for when buying and how you know what size to buy.

Our checklist gives you an overview and our product recommendations also simplify the final selection. You can choose the perfect awning today and soon enjoy the camper life.

Checklist Awning

  • When choosing your awning, the type of your vehicle and your travel habits play an important role.
  • Vehicle type: Awnings are available for caravans, camping buses and caravans. The model you choose must fit your vehicle.
  • Travel time and duration of use: If you travel mainly in summer weather and use your awning for a short time, small, lightweight models with a depth of less than 250 cm are sufficient.
  • The more difficult the weather conditions are, the more resistant the awning must be. If you stay in one place for a long time, a sturdy tent is also worthwhile. It should have a depth of at least 300 cm, so that you can comfortably accommodate seating for several people.
  • Pole awning: In this type of awning you will find the widest range of models, sizes and designs. A pole awning is stable and offers equipment and hanging options inside. As a rule, the packing dimensions are large, and the tarpaulin and poles are heavy. Setup can be complicated.
  • Air awning: Inflatable air tents are quick to set up. Dents caused by weather can be quickly repaired. As additional equipment, you’ll need a pump and repair materials for cracks in the air poles.
  • Awnings: Awnings are mounted on the vehicle and rolled out as needed. Only poles and tarpaulins for the side walls are included in the luggage. In case of heavy rain and wind you have to dismantle the awning.
  • Two factors determine the right size awning:
    • Desired space: Here you decide how many people can stay in the awning and how much space is available for equipment.
    • Partial size or circumference: For awnings, the circumference is given, which is determined by the height and length of your vehicle. For partial tents, you need to know the partial dimension of your vehicle.
  • The circumferential dimension is the complete length of the keder rail plus the distance of your caravan to the ground on both sides of the rail. For a better understanding: You can alternatively imagine that you surround a caravan from the ground from front to back.
Special Equipment
  • Check whether useful additional equipment is included with the awning:
    • Mosquito nets for insect protection.
    • Zipper covers.
    • Curtains
    • Additional poles, pegs and storm ropes for difficult weather conditions.

Here you will find the top 10 awnings for camping.

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The Best Sellers Of Awnings For Camping

We have compiled the most popular camping awnings for you in this bestseller list.

# Preview Product
1 Outvita Window Awning Door Canopy 77"x35.4", Polycarbonate Cover Front Door Outdoor Patio Awning...
2 VINGLI Window Awning Door Canopy Exterior, 30" x 40" Awnings for Doors Polycarbonate Cover Patio...
3 VEVOR Window Door Awning Canopy 120"x 40", UPF 50+ Polycarbonate Entry Door Outdoor Window Awning...
4 Invisible Rain Shelter Cover, Portable Window Awning Outdoor, Multifunctional Invisible Window...
5 AECOJOY 13'×8' Manual Retractable Awning Sun Shade Patio Awning Cover Outdoor Patio Canopy...
6 40 inch x 80 inch Window Awning Door Canopy Polycarbonate Cover Outdoor Front Door Patio Sun Shetter...
7 VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning Canopy Brown with Black Bracket 40 Inch x 80 Inch
8 STEELAID Manual Retractable Awning – 59” Non-Screw Outdoor Sun Shade – Adjustable Pergola...
9 VUYUYU 13.1'x8.2' Patio Awning Retractable Awning Cover Sunshade Shelter Outdoor Canopy with Crank...
10 Yescom 40"x40" Outdoor Awning Patio Window Door Canopy Cover UV Protection Hollow Sheet
11 Simply-Me 40" x 40" Door Window Awning Polycarbonate Cover Front Door Outdoor Patio Awning Canopy UV...
12 Patio Door Window Awning Canopy, Polycarbonate Cover Front Door Outdoor Patio Awning Canopy UV Rain...
13 JEKITO Manual Retractable Awning – 78” Non-Screw Outdoor Sun Shade – Adjustable Pergola Shade...
14 Outvita Window Awnings for Doors Canopy 40''x40'', Polycarbonate Cover Front Door Outdoor Patio...
15 NuImage Awnings 48425 Series 2500 Aluminum Door Canopy with Support Arms, 48 inches Wide, White
16 AECOJOY 10'×8' Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade Awning Cover Outdoor Patio Canopy Sunsetter Deck...
17 116 inch / 78 inch / 39 inch Window Awning Outdoor Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Door Patio Canopy...
18 Outsunny 10' x 8' Manual Retractable Awning Sun Shade Shelter for Patio Deck Yard with UV Protection...
19 NKEM Door Canopy Roof Exterior, Entry Doorway Awning, Front Door Shade Window Cover Canopy, Heavy...
20 Diensweek Patio Awning Retractable 8'x7' Fully Assembled Manual Commercial Grade - Quality 100% 280G...

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Current Offers For Awnings For Camping

Here you will find a selection of current offers for camping awnings.

SaleBestseller Nr. 3
NuImage Awnings 48425 Series 2500 Aluminum Door Canopy with Support Arms, 48 inches Wide, White
Built in front rain gutter; Includes White support arms; Two -coat baked on finish for lasting performance
$282.00 −31%
SaleBestseller Nr. 4
AECOJOY 10'×8' Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade Awning Cover Outdoor Patio Canopy Sunsetter Deck Awnings with Manual Crank Handle, Beige
Adjustable Crank-With 59" long crank, easily retractable to meet your sun or shade need.; Multiple Purpose-Ideal for shading above windows or doors, indoor or outside.
$184.99 −14%

FAQ For Awnings

How do I set up a caravan awning?

Sometimes it takes a little practice before you can erect the awning safely and quickly. It is best to set up your awning once or twice before your vacation in order to test the process and be well prepared for your vacation. This way you can make the best use of your vacation time and not waste it with annoyances about the setup. Follow the steps in the enclosed instructions or, if in doubt, search the Internet for the correct instructions. It is important that your awning has the right size. You should check this in any case before the vacation – best of course also before the purchase. You can find important information on this topic in our guide.

How do I set up an awning?

It is best to follow the steps given by the manufacturer of your awning. It is important that you choose the right size. If you are not sure about the size, take a look at our guide. There you will find important buying criteria and information on sizing. Tip: You can test the awning before your trip. This way you can see directly whether it fits your vehicle, whether it is in order and how long you need to set it up.

What does an awning weigh?

A large awning can weigh up to 50 kg. The exact weight varies, of course, depending on the type and size.

When to buy an awning?

Plan enough time when you want to buy an awning. After all, it would be annoying if the good tents are all sold out because you are looking in the middle of the season and just before the planned trip. As soon as you know that you are going on vacation and that an awning is needed, you can start your research. You can find helpful tips and important buying criteria in our guide on the subject. Of course, the environment in which you want to camp is also important. Therefore, it is best to buy the tent when the trip is planned and you know the weather conditions and the vehicle. We wish you a great trip!

Which pegs for awning?

Which peg is suitable for awnings, can not be answered in general. In addition to the condition, size and weight class of the awning, the ground also plays a major role. The harder it is, the more robust the fastening must be. You should also consider how long the tent should remain attached. Only temporarily or for several days or weeks? Also note that the awning poles need more robust ground anchors than the side walls.

What is the perimeter size of the awning?

The size of the awning depends on the circumference. Everything you need to know about this can be found in our guide.

What belongs in the awning?

You can furnish your awning according to your taste, e.g. you can make it comfortable or simply store luggage. Please note that the ground must fit the guidelines of the campsite, because often it is not welcome if you destroy the lawn with tarpaulins. If you have your dog or small children with you, you should make sure that the tent is closed at the bottom and no one can escape. There are special accessories to buy for this. This has the advantage that no cold draught from below gets into the tent.

Awning: what size?

It is important that you choose your new awning in the right size. This is based on the circumference, so you should know it. This and more important buying criteria can be found in our product guide on the subject of awnings.

How do I clean an awning?

Usually water is sufficient for the care of your awning. You can use a soft sponge or cleaning cloth. If the dirt is too stubborn, you can try a drop of washing-up liquid.

What to do against mice in the awning?

If you have small rodents visiting your awning, it is certainly not nice. But it does not always have to be a trap. Some people swear by scattering hot spices, at best cayenne pepper. The important thing is that you either don’t store food in the awning in the first place or seal it well. If necessary, you can also hang them up so that mice, hedgehogs and rats no longer have a chance to reach the things. Of course, you should also make sure that the awning is sealed as well as possible and that it is as difficult as possible for little visitors to get in.

What is a water column in an awning?

The water column is a very important specification, as it shows you what happens to your tent when it rains. It is given in mm, which means the following:

Up to 800 mm, the tent is water-repellent, but not tight.
Up to 5000 mm your tent is waterproof. At least when it rains. However, pressure points can cause moisture.
Up to 15000 mm you are completely on the safe side, your tent defies rainfall and pressure.

When camping, you can usually choose a solid average, 3000 mm is usually enough. Adapt your choice to your destination. On a campsite in summer with occasional rain you should of course choose something different than on an adventure vacation in the mountains.

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