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The 10 Best Camping Guides For Family Vacations In Germany – Advisor

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a vacation abroad at all. Because, as we all know, it’s best at home anyway. Germany has a lot to offer, especially in terms of landscape and culture. So that you can always find your way around, the purchase of a camping guide for the family vacation in Germany can be useful. But what do you have to consider before buying one?

In order to help you choose the right camping guide for Germany , we have created a suitable checklist that provides you with all the important information. Our product recommendations can also offer you additional support.

Checklist For Camping Guide In Germany

What information does the camping guide for Germany provide?
  • A good camping guide should list all available campsites in Germany and not only those selected by the editors. Ideally, the reading also informs about campsites in neighboring countries.
How are the campsites described in the camping guide?
  • A good camping guide provides written and pictorial information about each available site. A detailed description of each site includes pictures and short videos, which give interested parties lasting impressions. Not only aerial photos should be shown, but photographs that allow qualitative statements.
What information about the facilities is needed by camping enthusiasts?
  • For travelers with camper or caravan is important:
  • how big is the individual pitch?
  • what kind of surface is the motorhome parked on?
  • are the access roads paved and suitable for maneuvering?
  • are there connections for electricity and water at the pitches?
  • is there a waste disposal station ?
  • are the motorhomes parked in the blazing sun or under trees?
  • what services do the sites offer for all visitors, for example supermarket or restaurant?
Additional Information Is Important For Certain Guests
  • A good camping guide for Germany should also answer these questions:
  • can mobile homes or caravans be rented directly at the site?
  • do disabled people get along with the sanitary facilities ?
  • which campsite is dog-friendly?
  • are there inexpensive offers for permanent campers?
  • does the camping guide inform about sights in the vicinity of campsites?
Camping Guides Should Provide Data For Reservation And Booking
  • Many camping enthusiasts want to plan their vacation thoroughly and not be faced with overcrowded facilities when they arrive. Therefore, a good camping guide with detailed information should allow readers to make reservations at favored sites.
Informative Camping Guides Are Advantageous For Many Reasons
  • A camping guide in book form is constantly updated, as prices, offers and conditions at the sites described can change at any time. Because of the updates, the reader is always up to date and can carefully plantheir camping vacation.

Here you will find the top 10 camping guides for family vacations in Germany.

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The Best-Selling Camping Guides For Family Vacations In Germany

We have compiled the most popular camping guides for family vacations in Germany for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Camping Guide For Family Vacation In Germany

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of camping guides for family vacations in Germany.

FAQ About Camping Guides For Family Vacations In Germany

What is a camping guide for Germany?

With the help of a camping guide you can inform yourself about special places and sights in Germany. It can also answer your questions about where to find the best campsites.

What is a campcard and what is it good for?

There are different Campcards. Especially well known are the ADAC and the ACSI campcard. A Campcard gives the holder discounts on participating campsites and/or pitches.

Which camping guide for Germany is good?

Which camping guide for Germany to choose depends on individual goals and preferences (e.g., lots of nature, camping at popular tourist hotspots, near amusement parks, with a van, camper or tent). Classic and high-quality camping guides for Germany are, for example, the regularly published editions of the ADAC.

Which camping guide for Germany is the best?

Which camping guide for Germany is the best depends on the individual travel planning. For example, there are illustrated books with tips and hints that are primarily intended to inspire. But camping guides for specific budgets or special places and round trips are also available.

How much does a camping guide for Germany cost?

A camping guide usually costs between 10 and 25 euros. Here it depends on how thick the camping guide is and how detailed it conveys certain information.

What questions should a camping guide for Germany answer?

Among other things, it should inform you about how expensive different campsites are, for example. It is also important to know where exactly the camper can be parked and whether this is a place by the sea or whether the car is well protected from the sun. Since you certainly do not always want to cook yourself, it is also important to know which restaurants are nearby. If you want to take your pet with you on vacation, you can check the camping guide to see if this is possible. Note, however, that camping guides are constantly updated, which is why some prices may not be up to date a year later.

How is a camping guide structured?

A camping guide is not just text and information. Instead, you can get a better idea of what the campsite or location looks like with the help of numerous pictures. Therefore, camping guides are very descriptive.

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