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The 8 Best Steep Wall Tents For Camping – Guidebook

Camping is a great idea for a family vacation together. The steep wall tent offers you the optimal living space for this, especially for long trips. Steeplechase tents can accommodate up to 12 people, so even a vacation with friends or relatives is no problem. Before you decide on a tent, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind, among other things, the steep wall tent has many useful features.

In our checklist, we cover everything that could interest you about the steep wall tent as well as important purchase criteria. In addition, there are the best steep wall tents for you in the product recommendations at a glance, here you will find the perfect tent for the next camping vacation.

Checklist For Steep Wall Tents

  • Steepwall tents offer the user more headroom inside, hence the name. The steep walls allow you to move upright almost anywhere in the tent. They are higher than tunnel or dome tents in terms of most of the floor space. The headroom is 200 cm or more. Steep wall tents offer a lot of comforts.
Structure And Space
  • Classic models have the shape of an octagon. They require less floor space than an elongated tunnel tent. The smallest steep wall tents are offered for four people. Larger ones are suitable for up to 12 people.
  • Larger steep-wall tents are somewhat more complex to set up. They are preferably chosen for longer camping vacations and show their strengths here.
  • A steep-walled tent for eight people in the form of an octagon has a footprint of about 15 square meters and weighs about 20 kg.
Useful Features
  • Good models have at least 3000 millimeters of the water column and are waterproof. The tent floor should have a higher water column than the walls. Here 5000 millimeters are the measure of things.
  • The poles are made of fiberglass and steel. Since a steep wall tent is more susceptible to wind, the frame construction must be stable.
  • The groundsheet should be fully integrated and the seams taped.
  • Good models have suspended sleeping cabins that are darkened from the inside. This keeps the sleeping area dark and slightly cooler by absorbing the sun’s rays.
  • Mosquito nets on all windows as well as in the entrance area and vents must be present.
  • A good pitching tent will have dividers that can be unhooked if needed.
  • Built-in compartments for important utensils such as glasses and keys should be present.
  • Good models have a canopy. This keeps the entrance area of the steep wall tent dry.
  • Buyers can replace the pegs with XXL carpenter’s nails if necessary. These can be hammered into even the hardest ground and hold the steep wall tent reliably on the ground.
  • To increase the comfort , it is recommended to buy an additional ground sheet. It is laid out first and reduces the effect of sharp stones and branches.

Here you will find the top 8 steep wall tents.

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FAQ About Steeplechase Tent

What is a steep wall tent?

A steep wall tent is a tent that has vertical walls, allowing it to stand upright continuously.

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