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The 10 Best Throwing Tents For Camping – Guidebook

Do you associate tent pitching with complicated poles or hard-to-understand pitching instructions? With a throw tent, this is a thing of the past! In a few seconds, your tent is ready to go and you can relax and explore your surroundings or make the festival grounds unsafe.

Our checklist will tell you what to look for when buying a tent and our product recommendations will help you make the right choice. You can order the right throw tent today and soon start your journey – without any set-up stress or forgotten poles.

Checklist Throwing Tent

  • Check if the tent has an outer and inner tent or just a single layer. If possible, the outer wall should be rain and wind resistant, and the inner wall should be breathable. Common materials are:
    • Nylon: insensitive to wetness and abrasion, relatively tear-resistant; expands due to moisture and is UV-sensitive.
    • Ripstop nylon: reinforced nylon fabric that expands less when wet and is even more tear-resistant than normal nylon.
    • Polyester: UV resistant, tear and abrasion resistant; heavier than nylon and less breathable.
  • A silicone or polyurethane (PU) coating improves the weather resistance of the outer tent.
  • Your pitching tent needs to provide enough space and protection for all the people and your gear.
  • Classic throwing tents are usually suitable for 1 to 2 or for up to 4 people. These tents have a height between 90 and 120 cm. Per person you should allow at least a width of 50 – 60 cm.
  • The similarly constructed Quick-up tents and Air-beam tents are available for up to 6 people. Some of these models have standing height, others have similar heights as the classic throw-up tents.
Weight And Pack Size
  • If you transport the tent by vehicle, you can take a heavier model.
  • For hiking and biking, lightweight or ultra-lightweight roll tents are suitable.
  • The less storage space you have, the smaller the packing dimensions of the tent should be.
  • 3-season tents can be used from spring to fall.
  • 4-season tents can be used all year round.
  • For occasional camping a simple throw tent is sufficient.
  • If you are going on tours in difficult weather conditions, you need a stable model with:
    • high water column.
    • good wind protection.
    • coated, tear-resistant materials.
  • Check what comfort the tent offers:
    • several vents for air exchange.
    • Tent pockets and other storage options for equipment.
    • Suspension for a lamp.
    • Insect nets.
    • openings for natural light and view.
    • Awning for storage of luggage and shoes.

Here you will find the top 10 throwing tents for camping.

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The Best Sellers Of Throwing Tents For Camping

We have compiled the most popular throw tents for camping in this bestseller list for you.

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Current Offers For Throwing Tents For Camping

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of throwing tents.

FAQ Throw Tent

How do you assemble a roll tent?

Putting together a throw tent is easy, as the name suggests, it sets itself up when you throw the tent. Unfortunately, it cannot fold back up on its own, but usually this is not a problem. There are many good instructions on the Internet, supported by pictures, and you should also find the description in the manufacturer’s specifications. One thing is certain: a roll-up tent is a great alternative and can be set up and taken down quickly and easily. Do you already have a roll tent? You can get inspired by our guide. There you will find everything you need to know when buying a roll tent. Have fun camping!

What is a throw tent?

A roll-up tent is a type of tent that can be set up in seconds. So you immediately have time to explore your surroundings or the festival. The principle is simple: a special device allows the tent to set itself up while you throw it through the air onto the ground. Pretty cool, isn’t it? In our guide you will find all the important buying criteria and the most popular throwing tents. The summer can come!

How do I put together a throw tent?

Most of the time pictures are better suited to describe the disassembly of a roll tent. There are many good instructions on the Internet and you should also find what you are looking for in the product specifications. By the way, we have summarized the most important buying criteria for roll tents in our guide. So if you have not yet had the pleasure of using such a tent, you are welcome to look around for a suitable model.

How do I fold up a roll-up tent?

How to fold up a roll-up tent is actually not very complicated. However, putting the process into words without pictures will not help you much. There are many good instructions on the Internet, supported by pictures. One thing should be said: a roll-up tent saves a lot of time both in setting up and taking down. Do you know what to look for when buying a tent? We’ll tell you – in our guide on the subject of roll tents. Tip: There you will also find recommended products from various suppliers.

How do I fold a roll tent?

Folding a roll-up tent is not difficult, take a look at the picture instructions on the Internet. Small tip: Here you will find important buying criteria and recommended products from various manufacturers.

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