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The 8 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping – Guidebook

The 8 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping – Guidebook

Tunnel tents offer a lot of space due to their tunnel-like shape and can also be divided into different rooms. Especially for family trips, the tunnel tent is a good choice for the next camping trip. When choosing your tunnel tent, you should pay attention to what material is used for the tent and what equipment you need to get the most comfort out of your tunnel tent.

On our checklist you will find the most important information about tunnel tents. With our product recommendation, we also show you the tunnel tent that suits you best.

Checklist Tunnel Tent

Space and Setup
  • Tunnel tents offer more space than dome tents and are popular with families. The largest offer is for tents from four to eight people.
  • The pitching is a bit more complicated because the footprint is larger. Usually, they must be secured with pegs in the ground.
  • They are the preferred choice if they are to be left in one place for a long time, such as on camping vacations.
  • People who want to spend their outdoor vacation in several places should think about the option of an inflatable tunnel tent. This option can be set up and used in seven to ten minutes.
Protection From Weather And Insects
  • Good models should have at least 3,000 millimeters of water column, so they can repel prolonged land rain well.
  • The tent floor should be welded and fully integrated and the seams taped. Insects and moisture thus have no chance.
  • The entrance area can ideally be equipped with a mosquito net.
Useful Features
  • Family-friendly models are barrier-free in the entrance area. This allows bulky items such as a stroller or mountain bike to be rolled inside.
  • The biggest advantage of tunnel tents is the separate room division. Due to the tunnel shape, good tunnel tents offer a sleeping area and a recreation area. Some have an anteroom with storage space for luggage, strollers, and more. If necessary, partitions can ideally be removed to increase the space.
  • Tunnel tents for four to six people should have 20 square meters of floor space. Smaller models for four people are available from about 14 square meters.
  • Well-designed tunnel tents have a standing height of 200 cm or more in the center. They weigh 6 to 8 people but about 20 kg and above. Models for four people weigh much less at about 14 kg .
  • Some tunnel tents have a fold-out canopy. A large PVC window should be available.
  • For sleep-sensitive people, there are models with a darkened interior in the sleeping area. The advantage in summer: The temperature in the tent is up to 5 ° C cooler because the light radiation is filtered.

We have compiled the 8 best tunnel tents for you.

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The Best Sellers Of Tunnel Tents

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular tunnel tents for you.

# Preview Product
1 Pacific Play Tents Giant Sensory 9.5 FT Walk-Thru Tunnel
2 Kids Play Tunnel for Toddlers 1-3 Colorful Pop Up Baby Tunnel for Kids to Crawl Through,Breathable...
3 PigPigPen Pop Up Play Tunnel Tent for Toddlers Babies or Dogs, Indoor & Outdoor Toys for Kids...
4 GigaTent Pop up Play Tent and Tunnel for Kids - Indoor & Outdoor for Kids Games in The Summer in The...
5 UTEX 3 in 1 Pop Up Kids Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit for Kids, Boys, Girls, Babies and...
6 Tiny Land Play Tunnel and Ball Pit for Toddlers, 5pcs Indoor Playground - Foldable Pop Up Tents with...
7 Kids Play Tent with Ball Pit+Crawl Tunnel+Castle Tent, Pop Up Toddlers Playhouse for Boys and Girls...
8 Playz 4pc Kids Pop Up Play Tent and Kids Play Tunnel for Toddlers, Babies, Kids, Girls & Boys Indoor...
9 Pacific Play Tents 20435 Kids Safari Fun Dome Tent Crawl Tunnel Combo Indoor / Outdoor...
10 JOYIN White Rocket Ship Pop up Play Tent with Tunnel and Playhouse Kids Indoor Outdoor Spaceship...
11 LandCorer 5pc Baby Ball Pits for Toddlers, Kids Play Tent and Play Tunnel, Children Indoor Outdoor...
12 GeerWest 3PC Princess Tent for Girls with Kids Ball Pit and Crawl Tunnel for Toddlers, Pink Pop Up...
13 Gift for Girls, Princess Tent with Tunnel, Kids Castle Playhouse & Princess Dress up Pop Up Play...
14 LEFVNPETS Kids Crawl Through Play Tunnel, Pop Up Baby for Toddlers- Tube, & Game Tent Toy Girl Boy...
15 Kids Play Tunnel Tent for Toddlers, Colorful Pop Up Crawl Tunnel Toy for Baby or Pet with Breathable...
16 UTEX 3pc Space Astronaut Pop Up Play Tents with Tunnels for Kids, Boys, Girls, Babies and Toddlers,...
17 Kids Play Tunnel for Toddlers, Colorful Pop Up Crawl Through Tunnel Play Tent for Infant Baby or Dog...
18 Kiddey Tunnel and Ball Pit Play Tent | 3pc Pop Up Toddler Gym Tunnels with Tents for Kids, Toddlers,...
19 Pacific Play Tents 20522 Starry Fright Play Tunnel 72" x 30" x 30"
20 Kids Play Tunnel for Toddlers 1-3, 6ft Baby Tunnel Pop Up Tunnels for Kids to Crawl Through...

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Current Offers Of Tunnel Tents

You can find the best current offers on tunnel tents in this list.

FAQ Tunnel Tents

What is a tunnel tent?

Tunnel tents are tents that are supported by parallel pole arches, giving them a tunnel-like shape. The structure of the tunnel tent makes it possible to divide the tent into several living areas.

What does a tunnel tent cost?

Depending on the accessories and material, the price range of tunnel tents is 50 – 1000€.

How many people can be accommodated in a tunnel tent?

There are smaller tents that are designed for 1-2 people or larger family tents that can house up to 8 people.

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