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The 8 Best Fitness Trackers – Guide

Fitness trackers are probably one of the most popular accessories among sports enthusiasts. And they can all do different things, the choice is huge.

We want to help you out and have prepared a checklist with relevant buying criteria. We also present the most popular products directly to you. Have fun trying them out!

Fitness Tracker Checklist

  • Many fitness trackers are connected to a smartphone.
  • When buying, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the selected fitness tracker is compatible with your own device, for example, in terms of iOS or Android smartphones.
  • Before buying, it is necessary to consider for which type of sport the fitness tracker should be most suitable. For example, those who like running need a GPS function, while swimmers need a reliably waterproof model.
  • Via USB interface, most fitness trackers are recharged. When choosing a device, pay attention to the USB type. If a suitable USB cable is neither available at home nor included with the fitness tracker, one should be purchased additionally.
  • Some fitness trackers support charging via induction. If you already have such a charging option, you can choose a suitable fitness tracker.
  • Fitness trackers with GPS interface are especially interesting for runners and cyclists, as they enable accurate tracking of the distance covered and thus a more precise analysis of performance.
  • For data transmission, some fitness trackers also use a Bluetooth interface.
  • Many fitness trackers use free apps to store and analyze data. Those who use a particularly old smartphone should first make sure that the system requirements for running the app are met.
  • Some fitness trackers also manage without a separate app and process the collected data directly on the device. This is ideal, especially for athletes who like to travel light, as the smartphone can be left at home.
  • Whether an app is recommendable therefore depends on the individual objective.
  • Simple functions, such as pedometer or pulse measurement can be used in many models even without an app.
  • Athletes who are outdoors in wind and weather or do water sports should opt for a swim-proof fitness tracker .
  • Those who don’t want to miss out on music while exercising can opt for a fitness tracker with a built-in MP3 player.
  • Advanced fitness trackers have automatic activity recognition and independently start tracking activities, such as walks.
  • Even more optimization is possible with a fitness tracker that has a sleep analysis function. In this way, regeneration phases can be optimally utilized.
  • The display should also allow for quick and easy reading. This should apply to any weather, no matter how dark or bright it is outside.

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The Best Sellers Of Fitness Tracker

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular fitness trackers for you.

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Current Offers Of Fitness Trackers

Here you can find a collection of the latest fitness tracker offers.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How does a fitness tracker work?

Fitness trackers work with sensors that are placed inside. They can detect pulse, movement and thus activity of the body.

How do fitness trackers measure sleep?

Fitness trackers can’t analyze sleep 100%. But they can detect pulse changes and movements through their built-in sensors, and thus analyze how quiet the sleep has been and distinguish different phases.

How accurate are fitness trackers?

Fitness trackers do not replace a medical examination like an ECG, but they can already become very accurate. However, it always depends on what you use them for. For sports they give more accurate results than for sleep analysis.

Fitness tracker what is it?

Fitness trackers look like small wristwatches or bracelets. They can detect, remember and analyze your physical activity.

Which app for fitness trackers?

This can’t be said as a blanket answer. Different fitness trackers also work with different apps. Here, the individual case must always be considered and the product description studied.

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