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The 7 Best Poker Card Sets – Guidebook

We have summarized all important information about poker card sets in a checklist. You can find a great selection of different poker card sets in our product recommendations.

Checklist Poker Cards

  • Poker card sets are available in many different designs and qualities. Perhaps the most important selection criterion is the material from which the playing cards are made.
Cardboard poker cards
  • The original material for poker cards is cardboard. Cards made of cardboard have a very good grip and do not slip much. Their disadvantage is that the cardboard is sensitive to moisture and dirt. Liquids and dirt soak into the deck, so it may quickly become unsightly. Once cardboard poker cards are dirty, you can’t clean them.
Foiled poker cards
  • Foiled poke rcards are somewhat less sensitive. The front and back of these cards are covered with a very thin plastic film. The foil protects the playing cards from moisture and dirt. However, the edges of the cards are not protected, so moisture can penetrate and the cards swell.
Plastic poker cards
  • Plastic poker cards are very smooth, slippery and insensitive to dirt and moisture. If plastic cards get dirty, you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth. Unlike cards made of cardboard or foiled cards, they also do not bendeasily. Their disadvantage is that they slip very easily.
Card size
  • The standard size of poker cards is 63 x 88 mm. Occasionally, slightly narrower, but longer cards with a size of 60 x 89 mm are offered. Professional players often use even slimmer cards, which differ from poker card sets for home use with dimensions of 57 x 88 mm. The advantage of these slim cards is that they are easier to shuffle.
Poker cards set content
  • A so-called poker card deck always contains 52 cards. For poker variants like Texas Holdem you need a deck. You can play immediately with sets that contain a playing table and chips for the game stake in addition to the cards.
  • The backs of poker cards are called lapel. How the lapel is graphically designed and printed is a matter of personal taste. Here you have the choice between different designs.

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FAQ About Poker Cards

Poker cards – how many?
At the beginning, each player receives 2 cards. In the course of the game, 5 more cards are then revealed in the middle. Depending on the game, there are also variants in which more cards are distributed at the beginning.

What can be played with poker cards?
Poker cards form a classic card game with the cards from 2 to 10 as well as Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Besides poker, you can also play Skat, Canasta, Schafkopf or Doppelkopf etc.

How big are poker cards?
The size of poker cards depends on the manufacturer. Basically, poker cards are a little wider than other cards, measuring 88 x 63 mm. Some providers offer especially large cards with large symbols to make it easier for older people to play, among other things.

How many poker cards are there?
A poker set consists of 52 cards.

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