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The 11 Best PC Games 2020 – Guidebook

No matter if adventure, jump and run, a strategy game, or shooter – even at a young age PC games are a great fascination. However, there is still a lot of discussion about children and video games. When it comes to this topic, you should think carefully about what content is suitable for your child and how long your child is allowed to play. Always stick to the age ratings and make sure that your child can still spend enough time with schoolwork, hobbies, and friends.

To get an impression of the game yourself, it is worth playing it once, your child will certainly be happy about it.

To make your purchase decision easier and to give you an overview of the technical requirements, we have created a comprehensive checklist. You will also find many product recommendations and offers in this article.

Checklist For PC Games

Age Recommendation
  • Always follow the age recommendations to protect your child from disturbing content.
  • The starting age should also depend on the individual development. Only you can best judge how far along your child is.
Technical Requirements
  • PC games can only be played smoothly if your PC meets the hardware requirements of the game
    • A processor with at least IntelCore i5 or Ryzen or better and 8 GB RAM .
    • Each manufacturer also specifies the necessary free space on the hard disk.
    • Graphics card with at least 6 GB of graphics memory.
    • Your screen should be able to display the power of the graphics card and be large enough. A screen with HD resolution (1080 p) of 24 inches or more is usually sufficient.
Additional Equipment
  • For many games, keyboard and mouse are not enough, you need a controller or a steering wheel.
  • A microphone is necessary for voice chat functions.
  • We recommend buying a headset with microphone
  • If you play for a long time, we recommend a gaming chair to prevent bending and neck problems.
  • For older children, a webcam for playing together with friends can bring additional fun
When Gaming
  • Many PC games include in-game purchases, so even after you buy the game, you may still incur additional costs. Disable this feature or set limits here on how much money can be spent
  • Most games today run over the Internet, which allows you to chat or talk with other players (sometimes from all over the world). As in real life, you should protect your child from possible bad influences and teach them how to behave on the Internet (do not give private information to strangers, etc.).
  • Always keep an eye on your child and don’t let him/her play alone in front of the PC for too long.
  • While playing, take regular breaks to relax your eyes and have something to drink.
  • To save eyes, neck as well as back and to keep space for the offline world, limit the time in front of the PC.
  • For children, make sure that they spend enough time in the fresh air and with exercise

We have compiled the best and most interesting PC games. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of PC Games

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular PC games for you.

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Current Offers On PC Games

You can find the best current offers on PC games in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
Red Dead Redemption 2 - PC [Online Game Code]
Red Dead Redemption 2 - PC [Online Game Code]
Winner of over 175 Game of the Year Awards
$59.99 −67%
SaleBestseller Nr. 2
SaleBestseller Nr. 3
Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition Bundle - PC Steam [Online Game Code]
Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition Bundle - PC Steam [Online Game Code]
Exclusive Palace driving effects; Stacked Palace clothing pack containing 20 exclusive items
$79.99 −70%
SaleBestseller Nr. 5
Unravel Two - Origin PC [Online Game Code]
Unravel Two - Origin PC [Online Game Code]
Two Yarnys – Always! Form a bond with friends and other players in seamless local co-op.
$19.99 −90%
SaleBestseller Nr. 6
SaleBestseller Nr. 7
SaleBestseller Nr. 8
Riders Republic Standard - PC [Online Game Code]
Riders Republic Standard - PC [Online Game Code]
Battle against over 50 players simultaneously in a massive multiplayer playground.; Compete in an all-out mass start race—collide, grind, and fight your way to the finish
$59.99 −75%
SaleBestseller Nr. 9
FIFA 23 - Steam PC Ultimate - PC [Online Game Code]
FIFA 23 - Steam PC Ultimate - PC [Online Game Code]
Enjoy a new way to play and build your dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team with FUT Moments
$89.99 −60%
SaleBestseller Nr. 10

FAQ About PC Games

Which games run on my PC?

That depends on the model and equipment. Before buying a PC game, you should check the system requirements that the game needs.

Why are PC games cheaper than console games?

This usually has to do with the license fees that game developers have to pay if they want to publish their game on a console. With PC games, these fees are eliminated and there are more developers, which also results in greater competition and, on average, lower prices.

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