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The 8 Best Pezzi Balls – Guidebook

Pezzi balls protect your back and contribute to your health in general. They can be used as a substitute for a chair, as well as for gymnastics and sports exercises. Even children

can already use a pezzi ball, there is something for every size.

With the help of our checklist , we show you the most important criteria that you should not do without. The product recommendations

below are just as helpful.

Checklist pezzi balls

  • Pezzi balls are available in different diameters from about 45 to 120 cm
  • You can easily find out yourself which ball is the right one for you. The diameter depends on what you mainly want to use the ball for.
Pezzi ball for sitting
  • If you want to use the Pezzi ball as an alternative seat, for example at your desk, you can determine the correct diameter as follows
  • Sit on a height-adjustable chair. Then adjust the chair so that when your feet are flat on the floor, the angle between your lower leg and upper leg is about 110 to 120 degrees. The distance from the seat surface to the floor is then the optimal diameter of a pezzi ball for you.
Pezzi ball for gymnastics
  • The size of gymnastics balls depends on your height. Up to a height of 140 cm, i.e. for children, balls with a diameter of 45 cm are recommended
  • If you are between 141 and 175 cm tall, balls with a diameter of 55 to 65 cm are suitable. If you are taller, then the ball diameter should also be larger. For every 15 cm increase in height, the ball should be about 10 cm larger in diameter.
  • Pezzi balls are mostly made of PVC. PVC is very durable and elastic. With PVC balls, you should pay attention to whether the material contains so-called softeners . You can find information about this in the product description of the manufacturer. Plasticizers are considered hazardous to health and carcinogenic.
  • When buying a ball, you should make sure that it has an anti-burst surface. Anti-burst means that the ball will not burst if the cover is damaged by a sharp object
  • Anti-burst balls lose air like a bicycle inner tube only slowly.
  • Not every pezzi ball from every manufacturer can be loaded equally. When choosing a pezzi ball, make sure that the ball can then support body weight and some safety margin beyond that
  • Many balls can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kg others up to 700 kg.

We have compiled the best and most interesting pezzi balls. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The best sellers of pezzi balls

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular pezzi balls for you.

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Current offers of pezzi balls

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FAQ Pezzi balls

Pezzi ball: What size?

The ball size should be chosen according to the body size:
– 158 cm -181 cm = 65 cm diameter
– 182 cm -192 cm = 75 cm diameter
– From 193 cm = 85 cm diameter

What is a pezzi ball?

A pezzi ball is a PVC ball inflated with air. It bounces when you sit on it and serves as a seat or for sports exercises.

Pezzi ball what size is right?

The size of the pezzi ball must depend on the height of the child. For children up to 140 cm, a diameter of 45 cm is optimal. Up to 175 cm, the ball size reaches 65 cm. For every 15 cm more, 10 cm must be added to the diameter.

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