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The 10 Best Climbing Shoes – Guidebook

Do you love to climb regularly in the mountains or in a climbing hall? Then the right climbing shoe is a real must for you! Unlike conventional street shoes, it guarantees you the best grip and ensures with a reinforced heel area, for example, that you can climb without problems.

So that you can climb every conceivable slope in the future, we have created an informative checklist for you. With this, you can orient yourself well before buying a climbing shoe. But also our product recommendations are certainly a great help for you.

Checklist For Climbing Shoes

  • Climbing shoes must fit snugly on the foot to be able to guarantee kick resistance. For beginners, the fit is often uncomfortable. Try on the shoes before using them.
  • Choose a shoe that fits your foot shape and toe position. There is a distinction between the Egyptian shape (you can draw a straight line from the big toe to the little toe), the Greek shape (the second toe is the longest) or the Roman shape (your toes run in an arc). Manufacturers usually specify which of these shapes the climbing shoe is suitable for.
  • The size specifications vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Often the shoes are smaller than you are used to from street shoes. It is best to order one size larger than you normally would.
  • If you are climbing or bouldering in the backcountry, a reinforced heel area is important. However, make sure the shoe doesn’t press into your Achilles tendon.
  • Leather climbing shoes are flexible. The material adapts precisely to your foot. Leather is breathable and regulates the temperature while wearing the shoes.
  • Climbing shoes made of plastic are very stable and robust. Therefore, they should really fit perfectly. Plastic shoes have more of a tendency to promote sweating.
  • Choose a soft material if you are climbing in the bouldering gym or in overhangs. For inclined or vertical climbs, use a climbing shoe made of hard material.
  • Some climbing shoes have a plastic plate in the sole. This distributes the load over the entire foot when stepping on. However, the plate reduces the feeling for the ground.
  • Laces have the advantage that you can tie the shoe precisely – they guarantee the best hold.
  • Velcro shoes and loafers are quicker to put on and take off, but may fit less snugly on the foot. If you have to change shoes often, this option might be the better choice for you.
  • Loafers are – so they do not fall off your foot while climbing – very tight. For beginners, the feeling is often uncomfortable.

Here you will find the top 10 among the most popular climbing shoes.

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The Best Sellers Of Climbing Shoes

We have compiled the most popular climbing shoes.

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Current Offers For Climbing Shoes

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in climbing shoes.

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FAQ About Climbing Shoes

What is a climbing shoe?

A climbing shoe is explicitly designed for climbing. It is therefore very different from a conventional street shoe, because it fits very tightly and must be adapted exactly to your foot. Therefore, there are different models between which you can choose

How should a climbing shoe fit?

A climbing shoe must fit tightly so that you do not slip out of the shoe or lose your grip. This would be quite fatal when climbing and could also endanger your safety. Therefore, you should adjust the shoe to your foot shape and, if in doubt, choose a size larger. Since the shoes often fit very tightly, it may happen that your normal size is too small. A reinforced heel area can provide additional support

What does a climbing shoe cost?

A climbing shoe can cost about 60 euros or more. Here, look for high-quality workmanship and a breathable material

What material is a climbing shoe made of?

There are climbing shoes made of leather or plastic. For which material you ultimately decide, however, is up to you. Both shoes are usually robust and durable. However, if you sweat a lot, a shoe made of plastic is less recommended, because it is usually not very breathable. It should also be comfortable, which is why the material should preferably have a certain lightness. If you are climbing on a vertical wall, on the other hand, a hard material is advantageous so that you do not snap off

Which climbing shoes are available?

For the shoe to fit perfectly, it must be adapted to your toe shape. Therefore, there are the Egyptian, Greek and Roman form. Either your toes then run line-shaped or arch-shaped. If one toe is longer than the others, you can choose the Greek shape

How is a climbing shoe closed?

You can close the climbing shoe either with laces or a zipper. The advantage of laces is that you can adjust the shoe to fit you perfectly. Loafers or shoes with Velcro, on the other hand, do not offer the best support

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