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  7. The 12 best children’s fan articles for the World Cup party – Guidebook

The 12 best children’s fan articles for the World Cup party – Guidebook

The 12 best children’s fan articles for the World Cup party – Guidebook

Children’s fan articles add the finishing touch to your. World Cup party You can find all the important information about children’s fan articles for the World Cup party in our checklist. We have summarized many different fan articles for you in our product recommendations.

Checklist children’s fan items for the World Cup

Collecting and decorating
  • Soccer trading cards are very popular with children, these are diligently exchanged at school and kindergarten. To go with them, of course, the child needs a collector’s book.
  • Flags are probably the most popular decoration during a World Cup, whether in large for the children’s room wall or in small for the bicycle, the children like to show that they are in World Cup fever.
  • Bracelets, headbands, caps, scarves, there are many small products with which you can make your child happy, e.g. as a souvenir.
  • For a World Cup party, make-up and children’s tattoos in World Cup look must not be missing. This strengthens the feeling of togetherness when cheering along.
Hit the ball
  • Many children are infected by the euphoria and want to become footballers themselves. For these children, a soccer ball in the official World Cup design is a highlight.
  • A World Cup jersey of the national team is especially coveted by the little footballers. With many suppliers you have the possibility to print the name of the child or his favorite player on the jersey.
  • A soccer goal with a goal wall in World Cup look promotes the fun of movement.
Board games and books
  • There are now a number of board games on the subject of soccer. This brings the whole family around the table, even beyond the World Cup period.
  • Some soccer players have already published children’s books . Among them are national players like Thomas Müller. These are great first-reading books that encourage reading.
  • For watching together, of course, you need snacks to enjoy. How about a popcorn machine or making cotton candy?
  • A projector also makes the soccer game a very special event.

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The Best Sellers Of Kids Fan Items For The World Cup Party

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular kids fan articles for the World Cup party for you.

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Current Offers Of Children’s Fan Articles For The World Cup party

Here you can find a collection of the current offers of children’s fan articles for the World Cup party.

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FAQ About Fan Articles For The World Cup Party

Soccer jersey – what size?

Soccer jerseys are available for children in sizes 116 to 164. Which size is the right one, you can either take from a size chart or compare with other t-shirts or jerseys. You can find a great selection of jerseys in all sizes in our product recommendations.

Which fan articles are available for the World Cup?
In addition to jerseys and bracelets, headbands, caps and scarves, there are also great tattoos or make-up for children. Children’s books can also be used to impart knowledge about the World Cup or soccer in general.

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