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The 7 Best Croatia Jacks – Guidebook

Croatia’s national team impressed in 2018 with a dominant run at the World Cup in Russia. In the process, the national team won the World Cup runner-up title and the hearts of countless fans . A great way to support Croatia at their next match is with Croatia jerseys. You can get them as original or imitation in different materials and designs.

We have summarized everything you should consider when buying a jersey in our checklist . Afterwards, you can find the best Croatia jerseys at a glance in our product recommendations.

Croatia Jersey Checklist

Original Versus Imitation
  • You can buy Croatia jerseys as originals or knockoffs. The original models are usually much more expensive, but also of higher quality.
  • When it comes to the original jerseys of the Croatian national team, there are again two variants: Authentic and Replica.
  • Authentics correspond in every detail to the jerseys worn by Croatia’s team players during their appearances on the green pitch. They are made of an ultra-thin and very lightweight material, have an emphatically tight fit, and feature printed logos.
  • Replicas are specially designed to meet the needs of fans. They feature a firmer fabric, a slightly looser fit, and classy embroidered logos.
Material And Processing
  • Original Croatia jerseys are made of 100% polyester and are particularly breathable.
  • With the imitations you will also encounter other materials, such as cotton.
  • If you want to play sports with your Croatia jersey, you should choose a polyester model. For casual leisure without too much physical exertion, a version made of soft and skin-friendly cotton is also a possibility.
  • In general, make sure that the replicas are free of harmful substances. This is confirmed, for example, by certification according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Model and design
  • As a rule, the Croatian Football Association presents new jerseys for the national team at the beginning of each soccer season. Accordingly, the specific design can change a bit every year. However, the characteristic colors of blue, red, and white always remain, at least for the home jerseys.
  • Speaking of which: You have the choice between home and away jerseys.
  • Do you want your Croatia jersey with or without a player name and shirt number? Both variants are possible. Many jerseys show the shirt number 10 and the name of a real ball artist: Luka Modric.
  • In addition to the classic jerseys, there are also some other shirts that represent the Croatian national team – such as training tops or specific fan shirts with the imprint”Hrvatska”.
Size And Cut
  • Croatia jerseys are available for adults and children.
  • The jerseys for adults are mostly available in sizes from XS to 2XL. With a little luck you can also find models up to 5XL.
  • For Croatia kids j erseys, the size spectrum often ranges from 116 to 176. Smaller or even baby sizes are rare.
  • You want to buy a Croatia Jersey for a toddler ? Then it’s best to choose one size larger to extend the possible wearing time.
  • There are some differences in the jerseys for men and women. The models for female Croatia fans are often fitted and have a V-neck.

Here you can find the top 7 most popular Croatia jerseys.

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The Best Sellers Of Croatia Jerseys

We have compiled the most popular Croatia jerseys for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Croatia Jerseys

Here you can find a selection of current offers for Croatia Jerseys.

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FAQ About Croatia Jerseys

Which jersey versions are available?

Croatia jerseys are available in different versions for men, women and children.

In which sizes are the jerseys available?

Croatia jerseys are available from sizes XS to 5XL for adults. For children there are sizes 116 to 164.

Which jersey models are available?

The models and designs of the Croatia jersey, change every season.

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