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The Bestsellers Of The Weight Benches – Guidebook

In the gym, the weight bench is a popular piece of sports equipment. Perhaps you have also thought about buying a weight bench for your home to be able to train even more effectively. Of course, it is especially important that you have enough space , because the weight bench takes up quite a bit of room . But also other important factors should not be ignored before buying a weight bench , so that you have a lot of fun training afterwards.

We have compiled a checklist for you here to show you exactly what these are. Our product recommendations can also offer you good support afterwards.

The Bestsellers Of The Weight Benches

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular weight benches for you.

Weight Bench Checklist

Checklist For Weight Benches

Support surface
  • The size of the support surface is a decisive purchase criterion. If the surface is too small, this can quickly lead to injuries.
  • The size of the support surface is primarily dependent on your body measurements. The space requirement should only come in second place.
  • If you are under 1.90 meters tall, your weight bench should be at least 120 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide. If you are taller or significantly shorter, the minimum dimensions may vary accordingly.
  • In addition, the support surface should be padded. A thickness of at least 4 centimeters provides sufficient comfort for training.
Load capacity
  • In addition to the right size, the maximum load capacity is one of the most important points when buying a weight bench.
  • The maximum load capacity must be greater than your body weight and the weights used together.
  • So if you weigh 90 kilograms and train with dumbbells weighing 75 kilograms, then the weight bench should be designed for at least 165 kilograms.
  • Therefore, a maximum load capacity of at least 250 kilograms is recommended.
  • The weight bench should have a high dead weight and wide feet.
  • As a rule, the higher the maximum load capacity, the more stable the construction.
  • Some weight benches can be folded, so that you can store them space-saving. Here you should pay special attention to the joints, as they always represent a possible weak point.
Training possibilities
  • Depending on how versatile you want to train, there are different models and types of equipment.
  • An incline bench can be adjusted from an upright angle to a negative angle and is the most versatile option. It’s great for countless strength exercises, but it’s not meant to be used with extremely heavy weights.
  • A flat bench, on the other hand, you can’t adjust its position. Therefore, it is not as versatile, but it is much more stable than an incline bench.
  • A presser bench is an incline or flat bench model with an additional frame for a rack. It is particularly suitable for bench pressing with a barbell.

We have compiled the best and most interesting weight benches. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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Current Offers Of Weight Benches

You can find the best current offers on weight benches in this list.

FAQ About Weight Benches

What is a weight bench?

A weight bench consists, as the name suggests, of a bench. This is usually well padded and is used for strength training. It is very versatile, which is why you can perform several different fitness exercises with the help of the weight bench.

Which weight bench is suitable for home use?

The weight bench for home must be adjusted to the size of the room. Therefore, before buying you should take into account that a weight bench is relatively large and takes up quite a bit of space. If you can not meet the spatial conditions, you should probably rather train in the gym.

Which muscles are trained with the weight bench?

With a weight bench you can train your upper body and especially the chest muscle very well (for example biceps or triceps). But also the back muscles are strengthened. Likewise, it is possible with certain exercises to address the leg muscles optimally.

How wide should a weight bench be?

This usually depends on your height. If you are relatively tall, the bench should be at least 30 cm wide and 120 cm long. It is also important that the support surfaces are well padded, so that you do not get back pain in the long run or you lie uncomfortably. This padding should therefore be at least 4 cm thick.

What does a weight bench cost?

A weight bench can cost up to 200 euros if you choose a stable and high-quality model.

How much weight should I use on a weight bench?

This also depends on your own weight. For example, if you weigh 90 kg, you can train with dumbbells weighing 75 kg. If you weigh less or are just starting to train, you should choose a lighter weight.

What is the load capacity?

The maximum load capacity of 250 kg should not be exceeded in most cases, so that you can use the equipment optimally.

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