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The 20 Best Osann Child Seats Up To 36 Kg – Advisor

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The 20 Best Osann Child Seats Up To 36 Kg – Advisor

Choosing the right child seat for your child is a very important decision, because with the right child seat you ensure that your child is safe. Osann child seats have many important features to protect your child and at the same time provide him with a comfortable travel experience. In particular, you should know whether you prefer a cheaper booster seat or a fancier child car seat.

In our checklist we go into detail about all the features of the Osann child seats. To make your choice easier, we have also compared various Osann child seats for you and compiled the best ones for you in our product recommendations.

Checklist For Osann Child Seats

  • Osann covers child seats in all group sizes from 0 to 3, so the seats easily support your child’s weight from 9-36 kg.
  • You can choose between a simple child booster seat, which only fulfills the most basic functions, but is cheaper, or invests in a child car seat, which costs more, but contributes to much more comfortable with features such as 5-point harnesses, armrests, headrests or 360-degree adjustable seats.
  • If you’re interested in other models from Osann, you should also check out the Beebob and Mito brands, which are also part of the Osann family.
  • When choosing a child seat, body size and weight should be the main considerations.
  • From a weight of 9-18 kg you should get your child a group 1 child seat. From 15-25 kg you should change to group 2 child seats and from 22-36 kg group 3 is recommended.
  • Osann child seats have the advantage that they can be individually adjusted to the size of your child by the 5-point harness and thus grow with your child.
  • In addition, a 5-point harness offers even more protection than a conventional 3-point harness due to the additional brackets.
  • Make sure that the child seat is properly installed. Osann allows you here through the so-called ISOFIX connectors that the seat can be adjusted to your car. Thus, the child seat also provides the necessary stability.
  • Whether booster seat or child car seat, both models have side impact protection, so that your child is not damaged even on bumpy rides. The child car seat also has padding in the head area and thus brings extra protection.
  • Child seats from Osann are absolutely free of harmful substances.
Seating Comfort
  • It is important for the seat comfort that your child has enough space in the seat so that he can sit comfortably during the ride.
  • The ISOFIX mechanism from Osann also provides the necessary support in terms of comfort, so that your child sits stably and the child seat does not slip.
  • Osann child seats provide sufficient safety without restricting the view of your child, so your child can also look out the window during the ride and discover the world.
  • Child booster seats from Osann convince with an ergonomically shaped seat and soft padding on the seat surface.
  • Children’s car seats also shine with headrests, armrests, and even removable comfort inserts and thus offer comprehensive comfort during the car ride.
  • Very high-quality models also have a 360-degree adjustable seat. If you get tired, you can always put your child in a reclining or side position so that he or she can sleep without any problems.

We have compiled the best and most interesting Osann child seats.

Osann child seats – Group 0 (birth to 1 year/ 0 to 10 kg).

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Osann child seats – Group 1 (1 to 4 years/ 9 to 18 kg).

Osann child seats – Group 2 (3.5 to 7 years/ 15 to 25 kg).

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Osann child seats – Group 3 (7 to 12 years/ 25 to 36 kg).

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The Best Sellers Of Osann Child Seats

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular Osann child seats for you.

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Current Offers On Osann Child Seats

You can find the best current offers on Osann child seats in this list.

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FAQ About Osann Child Seats

How good are Osann child seats?

Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC rated Osann child seats as “good”.

Child seat: Until when?

If a child is over 150 cm tall or 13 years or older, he or she may drive a car without a child seat.

From when are children allowed to sit in the front?

Children of any age may sit in the front with the appropriate booster seat. However, in the event of an accident, the rear seats are usually better protected.

At what age can a booster seat be used?

For a booster seat, the child must weigh at least 15 kg.

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