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The 10 Best Reboarder Child Seats – Guidebook

The 10 Best Reboarder Child Seats – Guidebook

To ensure the safety of your child, a reboarder child seat is mandatory for car trips. The seat must be adjusted to the size and weight of the child.

Information on size and weight and many other important aspects of a reboarder can be found in our checklist. A selection of safe and comfortable reboarders can be found in our product recommendations.

Checklist For Reboarder Child Seats

  • Child seats that are rear-facing(reboarders) are recommended up to age 4 or height 1.05 m (5 ft.).
  • When using a reboarder, the passenger side airbag must be turned off to avoid serious injury.
  • Important criteria for choosing the right child seat are the size, age and weight of the child.
  • Skin-friendly or pollutant-free material is important for protecting children’s sensitive skin.
  • Most child seats are fastened with the Isofix safety system. Another option is to fasten the seat with a three-point belt – but this is more complicated and not as intuitive as an Isofix fastening.
Seat Comfort
  • Sufficient space in the seat is needed for a high level of seating comfort, but the seat should also not be too large, otherwise, the child’s safety can be compromised.
  • The ability to look out the window often has a calming effect on children.
  • Soft material, pleasant to the skin, is not only good for the comfort of the seat, but also for the health of the child’s skin.
  • Reboarder child seats are divided into 4 i-Size groups.
  • Group 0 is suitable for children up to 10 kg.
  • Group 1 is suitable for children from 9 – 18 kg.
  • Group 2 is suitable for children from 15 – 25 kg.
  • Group 3 is suitable for children from 25 – 36 kg.

We have compiled the best and most interesting reboarder child seats.

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The Best Sellers Of Reboarder Child Seats

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular reboarder child seats for you.

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Current Offers Of Reboarder Child Seats

You can find the best current offers on reboarder child seats in this list.

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FAQ About Reboarder Child Seats

What is a reboarder?

A reboarder is a child seat that faces backwards in the direction of travel. Reboarder are suitable for young children and provide sufficient safety during car trips.

Reboarder obligation – from when?

From 0-4 years or a height of up to 105 cm reboarder obligation applies in Germany.

How long does a reboarder last?

As soon as the child has reached the age of 5 or a height of 105 cm, a reboarder is no longer mandatory.

Why a reboarder?

A reboarder is tailored to the still small body of children who would not be adequately protected by a three-point belt.

Reboarder – how long backwards?

According to the i-Size law, it is mandatory for the child to ride backwards in the reboarder for up to 15 months. It is recommended that the reboarder be in the backward position until the child is 2 years old.

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