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The 7 Best Children’s Bikes From KOKUA – Advisor

Kids usually want a bike from an early age, as riding one is incredible fun. Moreover, your child is in nature and gets enough exercise. Therefore, buying a children’s bike from KOKUA can only bring benefits, as this manufacturer offers many different bikes, which are perfectly suitable for different ages.

So that your child is ultimately satisfied with the choice of the children ‘s bike from KOKUA, we have designed a checklist for you, which informs you in every respect about these very bikes. Our product recommendations are an additional help.

Checklist For Children’s Bicycles From KOKUA

Saddle Height
  • Size is the most important criterion when choosing the ideal children’s bike. First and foremost, the saddle height plays a decisive role; you should only pay attention to the inch specification of the tires afterward.
  • The basic rule for the saddle height is: stride length minus two centimeters.
  • For example, if your child is three years old and has a height of 100 centimeters, the stride length is usually between 38 and 45 cent imeters, which means that the appropriate saddle height is 36 to 43 centimeters.
  • With the tires you should pay attention to the size and the material.
  • The tire size has an influence on the driving behavior, whereby larger tires roll better.
  • With the material you can choose between solid rubber and pneumatic tires.
  • Pneumatic tires have the best rolling characteristics and absorb shocks. They are particularly suitable for older children.
  • Solid rubber tires, on the other hand, are much lighter and are suitable for small children and wheel beginners.
  • As a general rule, the lighter the children’s bike, the easier it is to control.
  • However, the quality of the materials used should not suffer from the lightweight construction.
  • Children’s bikes from KOKUA are not among the lightest models, but they score with a very high quality Made in Germany.
  • For wheels , wood is a good material. However, the adjustability of the saddle height is often limited.
  • For larger children’s bikes , aluminum is particularly suitable, as it is a high-quality and at the same time lightweight material.
  • Running bikes do not need brakes, as children can brake very well with their feet.
  • However,children’s bikes for older children should have a brake, which are of good quality and suitable for children’s hands.
  • For older children, a coaster brake is suitable, as it is usually easier to use.
  • A steering lock is not mandatory, but can be quite useful. When buying this accessory should not be a decisive criterion for you.

We have compiled the best and most exciting children’s bikes from KOKUA.

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FAQ About Kids Bikes From KOKUA

What are children’s bicycles from KOKUA?

The manufacturer KOKUA has focused on the manufacture and production of wheels and children’s bicycles. Safety and comfort are the top priorities here, so your child can easily learn to ride on such a bike.

What material are KOKUA children’s bicycles made of?

The offered bicycles are made exclusively of wood. This is very stable and can withstand falls in the worst case. The larger children’s bicycles, on the other hand, are made of aluminum, similar to conventional bicycles. Therefore, they are very light and can also be transported relatively easily. The tires can be solid rubber or pneumatic.

How much do children’s bicycles from KOKUA weigh?

The small bicycles usually weigh about 3200 grams. The larger bikes are quite a bit heavier, weighing about 7.5 kilograms. You should not choose a bike that is too big for your child, so that he or she can move around easily.

How much do children’s bikes from KOKUA cost?

A children’s bike from KOKUA can cost up to more than 300 euros.

What accessories are available for KOKUA children’s bikes?

A brake can be quite useful for your child, so that it can react as quickly as possible in dicey situations. The bike should also have a light, so that your child is always seen well in the dark. Also, you should not forget the appropriate protective clothing in any case, so that your child is always adequately protected. For example, your child should always wear a helmet when riding.

What do children’s bikes from KOKUA look like?

KOKUA children’s bicycles are available in a wide range of colors. Your child can therefore choose between the colors red, green, black and white. The bicycles, on the other hand, are relatively plain, as they only feature natural wood.

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