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The 10 Best BMX Bikes For Kids – Guidebook

If your child likes to ride a bike in his free time, he will surely love a BMX bike! With it, he can even dare to do small stunts and jumps. In addition, BMX bikes stand out due to their design as well as the thicker tires and, unlike conventional bikes, can also be used in rough terrain. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some points, especially with the size of the BMX bike for your child.

Which are exactly, we have listed in a checklist for you. Our product recommendations should also support you and show you concrete examples for the purchase. So your child will soon be able to enjoy a suitable BMX bike!

Checklist BMX Bikes For Kids

Age Recommendation
  • The ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club) does not make the starting age for BMX bikes dependent on age: A child is mature enough for a BMX bike when he or she can safely master balance and movement sequences on a simple two-wheeler.
BMX Type/ Intended Use
  • What is the main use of the BMX bike? You will find three different types of BMX bikes for kids:
  • RaceBMX: racing tracks, fast riding over short distances up to 0.5 kilometers.
  • Freestyle BM X: acrobatics / stunts in skate parks.
  • Allround BM X: mixed type for beginners and undecidedriders.
Size Of BMX Tires And BMX Frame
  • About the optimal tire size decides only the body size, thereby applies:
  • Up to 90 centimeters: 12-inch wheels.
  • 90 centimeters to 120 centimeters: 16-inch wheels.
  • 120 centimeters to 150 cent imeters: 18-inch wheels.
  • From 150 centimeters: 20-inch wheels.
  • For the frame size(top tube) applies:
  • Up to 90 centimeters: 12-inch.
  • 90 centimeter to 120 centimeter: 15-inch or 16-inch
  • 120 centimeter to 150 centimeter: 17-inch or 18-inch.
  • From 150 centimeters: 20-inch, 20.25-inch or 20.5-inch.
  • Experienced BMX bikers advise not to buy a BMX bike on increase, but to choose a smaller model if in doubt.
Tire Width And Tread
  • The wider the tires and the deeper the tread, the better the grip: on BMX bikes for off-road riding and acrobatics, the tires should be at least 1.9 inches (about 5 centimeters) wide and have a deep tread.
  • BMX bikes with aluminum frames are recommended for children. The BMX bike should not weigh more than 12 kilos.
Important Details
  • Even though BMX bikes are preferably ridden without brakes in competitive sports , models with at least one front brakeare recommended for beginners.
  • BMX bikes with chain guards are recommended for beginners.
  • Non-slip pedals and handlebar grips increase safety.
  • Some manufacturers include replaceable pegs (footrests for acrobatics).
  • BMX bikes are sports equipment and in standard design are not roadworthy two-wheelers according to StVO. Accessories such as bicycle bells, lights and reflectors usually have to be purchased separately.

We have compiled the best BMX bikes for kids.

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The Best Selling BMX Bikes For Kids

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular BMX bikes for kids for you.

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Current Offers Of BMX Bike For Kids

You can find the best current offers on BMX bikes for kids in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 3
Tony Hawk:720 20' BMX Bike
Tony Hawk:720 20" BMX Bike
Sturdy steel frame with custom blue-green chameleon-effect paint finish; 20 inch wheel size for rider 6-10 years or 48-53" tall
$179.99 −12%

FAQ BMX Bikes For Kids

What is a BMX bike?

A BMX bike differs from a classic bike in that it can be used on rough terrain. Therefore, it is characterized by wider tires and a deeper profile. Thus, with such a small stunts or tricks can be performed.

BMX bike for kids what size?

The tire size should always be based on the height of your child. From a height of 90 centimeters 12 inch bikes are suitable. If your child is already 150 centimeters tall, a 20 inch bike comes into question. However, you should also take a closer look at the manufacturer’s specifications before buying the BMX bike.

How heavy is a BMX bike?

The BMX bike should be able to withstand stunts and jumps. However, it should not weigh more than 12 kilos. If the tires are too heavy, the handling of the BMX bike is also no longer so easy and your child may quickly lose the desire to ride.

How expensive is a BMX bike?

A high quality BMX bike can cost 200 euros or more. However, it makes sense to choose a more expensive bike in this case, as it is usually better made and your child will usually enjoy it for a long time.

Which BMX bike is suitable for children?

There is no specific age recommendation for BMX bikes. Instead, your child should be able to ride a conventional bike. You should also adjust the size of the BMX bike to your child so that he or she can ride safely.

How many inches are suitable for a BMX bike for children?

There are BMX bikes for kids in 12 to 20 inches. Using the manufacturer’s size chart, you can therefore very quickly determine which bike with how many inches you should ultimately choose.

Where can I buy a BMX bike for kids?

BMX bikes can be purchased on the Internet or in specialized stores. The advantage of buying a BMX bike on the Internet is certainly that you can read all the manufacturer’s specifications in advance and at your leisure. You can also compare between different suppliers and models, so you can find the best bike for your child.

How can my child learn to ride a BMX bike?

If your child is still very insecure at the beginning, you should practice riding together with him in a quiet place away from popular places. A bike with a small top tube is therefore suitable for the beginning, as your child can adopt a good sitting position on it. Do not overtax your child and give it as much time as it needs. Then it will certainly soon be able to ride independently through the area!

Can a BMX bike for children be used in traffic?

It may not be used in road traffic, as it is classified as sports equipment and has no special bell or lighting when purchased. However, in order to ensure your child’s continued safety, you should purchase this accessory in any case. Therefore, the bike may only be used in specially designated areas or on private property.

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