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The 20 Best Children’s Vehicles From Puky – Advisor

SaleComparison winner of the editors Strider ST-S4YE - 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years, Yellow

The 20 Best Children’s Vehicles From Puky – Advisor

Children’s vehicles from Puky can help your child become more mobile, for example, by moving on a sliding vehicle. This is aimed at younger children, who first need to familiarize themselves with such a vehicle. But why is the purchase of a children’s vehicle so useful? At a certain age, your child will certainly enjoy learning to ride a bike. It is demonstrably proven that children get used to a larger bike faster if they have previously learned the driving experience on a children’s vehicle.

To help you find the right children’s vehicle from Puky, we have created a suitable checklist for you. Together with your child, you can then take a closer look at our product recommendations. Maybe the perfect children’s vehicle from Puky is already there!

Checklist For Children’s Vehicles From Puky

Puky For Toddlers
  • From 12 months the models from the”My first PUKY” series are suitable.
  • These sliding vehicles can be used intuitively by toddlers. So your child will quickly get the hang of how to move with it.
  • The sliding vehicles from Puky are lightweight and equipped with a practical handle. If your child prefers to walk, you can simply carry the lightweight vehicle.
  • From about 2 to 2.5 years, a running wheel becomes interesting.
  • With it, your child can already ride really fast.
  • The Puky running bikes are equipped with> pneumatic tires and a comfortable seat.
  • As an alternative to the running bike, Puky also offers scooters.
  • Some children prefer running bikes, others scooters. Your child will have to find out for itself what it prefers.
  • Many children find it easier to switch from a running bike to a real bicycle than from a scooter, for example.
Puky For Bigger Children
  • Puky also manufactures bicycles for children.
  • The road bikes are equipped according to the current StVO with everything that must be present in road traffic and are suitable from 5 to 6 years .
  • The off-road bikes or mountain bikes are suitable from 5 years.
Accessories And Safety
  • Make sure that your child always wears a safety helmet on running wheels, pedal scooters and bicycles!
  • Bicycles must be equipped with mudguards and lighting, among other things, in order to be permitted in road traffic.
  • Lighting is especially important in the morning and evening, so that other road users can see your child well!
  • Always check whether the height of the saddle is still appropriate. A bike that is too small can not only cause posture problems, but can also affect riding safety.
  • Some Puky wheels and bicycles are already equipped with suitable baskets and bells, while others can be retrofitted.
  • The sliding vehicles can sometimes be customized with the included stickers.

We have compiled the best and most exciting children’s vehicles from Puky.

Puky Running Wheel

Puky Tricycle

Keine Produkte gefunden.

Puky Sliding Vehicle

Keine Produkte gefunden.

Puky Scooter

Puky 5342 R 03 Scooter, White/Pink, 0
  • Quality foam tyres, steering is ball bearing mounted. Product Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Safety handlebar grips, impact resistant powder coating, stand, adjustable height handlebar
  • High-quality foam tyres, bell, kick foot brake, anti-slip platform
Puky 5176 R 1 Scooter, Sky Blue
  • High value foam tyres. Ball bearing steering
  • Non-Slip platform. Product weight: 3, 3 kg
  • Safety handlebar grips. High resistant powder coating
  • Crash Pad

Puky Children bike

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The Best Sellers Of Children’s Vehicles From Puky

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular children’s vehicles from Puky for you.

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Current Offers On Children’s Vehicles From Puky

You can find the best current offers on children’s vehicles from Puky in this list.

Keine Produkte gefunden.

FAQ About Children’s Vehicles From Puky

What is a Puky vehicle?

Puky was founded in 1949 and manufactures vehicles for children. Since then, it has been their mission to produce high-quality bicycles made of steel and aluminum.

Puky wheel from when?

The manufacturer Puky has different vehicles for different age groups on offer. The classic running bikes are recommended from about 3 years, but there are also, for example, four-wheeled vehicles for children from one year (“My first Puky”). Overall, one should always consider individual abilities and development.

Puky Wutsch from when?

Puky also offers products for very young children (“My first Puky”). The Puky Wutsch Bundle, for example, is intended for children from 1.5 years. It is important to note that children older than 3 years cannot use the vehicle safely and the maximum load must not exceed 20 kg. However, you should check the manufacturer’s specifications again for each vehicle you want to use and take them into account.

Puky running wheel what size?

Puky wheels are available in different sizes and variants. For each wheel, the manufacturer gives its own size specifications and recommendations. The choice is therefore not difficult.

Puky tricycle from when?

Puky offers various tricycle models that are recommended from different ages. There are variants that can be used for children as young as 1 or 1.5 years. These models can be used like a stroller and sometimes even have a sunshade and / or a storage area for the bag or carried things.

What accessories are available?

Some vehicles have bells or small baskets in which your child can store his or her cuddly toy, for example. In addition, small stickers are included with the sliding vehicles. This way, your child can embellish his or her new bike as the mood takes them.

How is my child’s safety ensured?

Bicycles for older children should always have lighting, so that your child is also seen in the dark by other road users. In addition, your child should always wear appropriate protective equipment so that he does not injure himself. This includes a suitable and well-fitting helmet. Elbow or knee pads can also be useful if your child is still very insecure. In addition, you should always adjust your child’s saddle correctly so that he or she does not suffer from posture problems in the long run and can ride without worry.

How much do Puky vehicles cost?

The price depends entirely on the particular model. However, wheels usually cost around 170 euros. Take a look at our product recommendations. There you will find many different vehicles in different price ranges.

Does Puky also offer vehicles for older children?

Puky also offers bikes for older children. Certain bikes or bicycles are therefore mostly suitable for children over 5 years old.

Which vehicles does Puky offer?

The Puky range includes running bikes, tricycles, scooters, children’s bikes, bicycles, eightshot bikes and “My First Puky”. With such a wide selection, you are sure to find a suitable vehicle for your child.

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