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The Best Sellers Of E-Bikes For Children – Guidebook

The Best Sellers Of E-Bikes For Children – Guidebook

E-bikes are a whole new incentive for children to discover cycling for themselves. E-bikes for kids

are almost everywhere and there is a wide range of models.

We want to help you make your decision for the right product with our checklist and direct suggestions for products.

The Best Sellers Of E-Bikes For Kids

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular e-bikes for kids for you.

Checklist For E-Bikes For Kids

Checklist For E-Bikes For Children

  • Strictly speaking, e-bikes for children are to be declared as “pedelecs”. This is because pedelecs are characterized by a comparatively low level of motor assistance. E-bikes for children are also throttled in their power.
  • The throttling of an e-bike for children as well as pedelecs is prescribed by law. A pedelec, for example, may not reach speeds above 25 km/h – on level ground and under its own power. Children’s e-bikes are usually throttled to 20 km/h.
  • A powerful motor will not make your child go faster on a straight road – the prescribed maximum speed applies. However, the powerful drive ensures that slopes are better overcome.
  • Opinions differ when it comes to wattage. Some experts recommend only using a model with a 250-watt motor. The child should pedal itself and the motor should only serve as a support. In addition, a high wattage poses a high risk of accidents. However, e-bikes for children with up to 500 watts are not uncommon and make sense, at least for mountain bikes.
  • The battery is decisive for the range or the support intensity. The larger the capacity, the more energy the power cells hold. The rider can use the motor for longer and thus get further ahead. Ranges of up to 50 kilometers are realistic.
  • How powerful or how large the battery should be depends on how much help your protected needs. The capacity ranges from 180 Wh to 500 Wh. Note:A strong battery weighs more than a weak one! The bike gets heavier with every kilometer of range.
  • Thanks to aluminum frames the weight of a children’s e-bike can be very low without sacrificing quality. The days when low weight was synonymous with “cheap” are over.
  • For younger riders, an e-bike with a weight of 10 kilograms is recommended. For children who are 12 years old, it is also possible to reach for a model that weighs 20 kilograms.
  • E-bike manufacturers rarely use the exact height specifications, but refer to the inch size. This refers to the diameter of the wheels, which in turn affects the size of the frame and thus the entire e-bike.
  • Since electric bikes are largely intended for older children, the majority are equipped with 26-inch tires. These are suitable for children 12 years and older. For children 8 years and older, 24-inch e-bikes are suitable, for children 6 years and older e-bikes with 20 inches and for children 4 years and older e-bikes with 18 inches.

We have compiled the best e-bikes for children.

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Current Offers Of E-Bikes For Children

You can find the best current offers on e-bikes for kids in this list.

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FAQ For E-Bikes For Kids

At what age are children allowed to ride e-bikes?

There is no general rule for a minimum age for e-bikes. However, small children can control the comparatively heavy and faster bikes only with difficulty or not at all, so you should think about an e-bike from the age of 10 at the earliest. In traffic, of course, special caution applies, it is better to ride only in the children known and traffic-calmed areas and under supervision. Sometimes it can make sense to do without an e-bike for a while. After all, safety comes first.

Which e-bike for children?

E-bikes are usually intended for older children, as they are better able to handle the speed. While children’s e-bikes are lighter than e-bikes for adults, the integrated battery still has a certain weight along with the bike, which can be difficult or impossible for smaller children to hold. One should always consider the manufacturer’s instructions and safety rules. The individual development of the child (abilities, body size) also plays an important role. In public, e-bikes are allowed up to 25 km/h, but for children a maximum of 20 km/h is usually sufficient. In road traffic, children should not necessarily ride an e-bike for safety reasons.

What advantages does an e-bike offer children?

Even the younger ones can keep up with the adults on longer trips with the e-bikes. Longer distances can also be managed by bike without having to worry much. In addition, the e-bike trains arguments with technology and their own motor skills.

What tire size is ideal for children’s e-bikes?

This is absolutely dependent on age and body size. There are e-bikes for children with 18-, 20-, 24- and 26-inch tires.

What should parents look for when buying an e-bike for children?

Particular things to consider here, depending on the age of the child, are speed restrictions, battery life, workmanship of the device, safety factors such as brakes and motor, and the size of the e-bike. For more detailed information on this, we have written a checklist above.