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The 6 Best Cargo E-Bikes – Guidebook

With a cargo e-bike, you can ride very relaxed, short, or even longer distances and even transport shopping or your child in it. Therefore, such a bike can be very practical if you want to leave the car. A cargo e-bike differs mainly in appearance from conventional bicycles, as this is much wider and offers a large storage area. So nothing stands in the way of a day trip!

So that you do not get confused with the variety of cargo e-bikes, we have created a suitable checklist for you. Here you will find all the necessary information. Afterward, you can take a closer look at the topic of cargo e-bikes in our product recommendations with the help of concrete examples.

Checklist For Cargo E-Bikes

  • Cargo e-bikes come in a variety of designs.
  • The cargo area can be located in the front or in the rear.
  • There are cargo e-bikes that have two wheels and models with three wheels.
  • Versions with three wheels offer you more stability but also less flexibility in movements.
Motor- und Leistung
  • The motors support you during the ride and can be either in the center area or attached to the wheel hubs.
  • Depending on the weight, the mid-motor is often preferred for the cargo e-bike.
  • The weight of the motors can vary from 2.5 kg to 4 kg.
  • There may be differences in torque and power. However, most models have a motor with 250W and a torque of 70 – 75 Nm.
  • The maximum speed is 25 km/h, so you don ‘tneed a driver’s license.
  • When it comes to the battery, it depends on the quality and range. The average range for current models is between 40 – 60 km.
  • The range is influenced, among other things, by the amount of load, possible resistance, your driving behavior and the outside temperatures.
  • The charging times for a good cargo e-bike battery are between four to six hours.
  • The cargo e-bikes have a display that you use to operate them. Here you select the support levels.
  • Check how the levels can be operated. Pressing a button and selecting via arrow keys are particularly common.
Sicherheit für Kinder
  • If you want to transport your children with the cargo bike, you should pay attention to safety.
  • Check how many children can officially be transported in the bike.
  • Make sure that there are options for strapping them in.
  • If you also want to transport a baby , a baby seat should be able to be installed safely.
  • A roof can also provide additional safety , as this has a rollover function.

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FAQ About Cargo E-Bikes

What is a cargo e-bike?

With a cargo e-bike, you can, as the name suggests, also transport larger loads (for example, children or shopping). The bike is supported by an electric motor, so you can also relax when you have to climb a slope, for example

What models of cargo e-bikes are available?

Cargo e-bikes are generally wider than conventional bicycles. The cargo area can be located at the back or front. If you want to transport your kids, you’ll probably have a better view of them in the front. In addition, the bike can have two or three wheels. If you want to transport heavy loads on a regular basis, a bike with three wheels may be the right choice, as one is much more stable

What power should a cargo e-bike have?

The motor should have an output of at least 250 watts. The torque, on the other hand, should be between 70 – 75 Nm so that you can use the cargo e-bike well

How heavy is a cargo e-bike?

The motor of the bike makes up the majority of the weight. It usually weighs between 2.5 and 4 kilograms

How is a cargo e-bike powered?

The bike is powered by a rechargeable battery. In most cases, you can ride 40 to 60 kilometers with this until you have to recharge it. The charging time for most models is therefore 4 to 6 hours. However, the range is usually also influenced by other factors (for example, temperatures)

What additional features are available on a cargo e-bike?

The bike often has a display. Here you can set which support you currently need or whether you want to ride without the e-drive at all. On steep inclines or with a high load, however, it is advisable to select a higher level so that you can master the hill without much effort

How can safety be ensured with a cargo e-bike?

Especially if you are transporting children, their safety must be guaranteed. Therefore, make sure that there are special seat belt options or that your children can be protected from the weather with the help of a roof. Transporting a baby is less suitable. However, if you want to store it here for a short period of time, it must be in a baby seat so that it cannot fall out

How many children can be transported in a cargo e-bike?

You should not transport more than 4 children on a cargo e-bike. However, this usually also depends on the particular model

How much does a cargo e-bike cost?

A cargo e-bike can cost up to 2,000 euros. Nevertheless, such an investment can make sense if you often want to transport larger loads effectively and as quickly as possible

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