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The 4 Best E-Scooters From Wizzard – Advisor

E-scooters are becoming more and more popular. But it is also practical to cover short distances with the e-scooter. And the range is now huge!

To make your purchase decision easier, we have compared the e-scooters from Wizzard and compiled the 6 most exciting models in our product recommendations. There you will definitely find the right e-scooter for you.

Checklist for E-Scooters From Wizzard

  • E-scooters can be driven without a driver’s license and from the age of 14.
  • The e-scooter models from Wizzard start with a 350 watt motor, which ensures a ride with a maximum of 35 km/h up to 40 km.
  • Wizzard offers different models, which differ mainly in their range.
  • To guarantee safe braking, the e-scooters have a drum brake in the rear axle and two shock absorbers in the front axle
  • The non-slip surface on the footboard also guarantees maximum safety
  • The e-scooters also have a soft-start mode, which ensures that the scooter does not start immediately if the throttle grip on the handlebar is accidentally pressed
  • Further, you can decide and set between three different speed limits: 6 km/h, 20 km/h and 35 km/h . Note, however, that road approval, among other things, is only possible if the speedster manages a maximum of 20 km/h.
Material And Weight
  • The e-scooters from Wizzard are made of robust and particularly lightweight aluminum.
  • They have a starting weight of 13.5 kg and some can carry over 120 kg
  • The handlebar is height adjustable and therefore suitable for many body sizes
  • The e-scooter can be folded, which also makes for easier transport.
Accessories And Spare Parts
  • An on-board computer is installed in the e-scooters, which displays the battery status and speed
  • The e-scooter runs on a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged regularly
  • Suitable accessories such as seats or chargers can be purchased from Wizzard.
  • Spare parts such as tubes for the tires are also offered.

We have compiled the best e-scooters from Wizzard.

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The Best Selling E-Scooters From Wizzard

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular e-scooters from Wizzard for you.

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Current Offers Of E-Scooters From Wizzard

You can find the best current offers on e-scooters from Wizzard in this list.

FAQ About E-Scooters From Wizzard

What is Wizzard?

Wizzard is a German e-scooter manufacturer and retailer

E-Scooter how fast?

E-scooters from Wizzard can reach speeds of up to 35 km/h. Therefore, the scooters are only suitable for older children.

How does an e-scooter work?

An e-scooter, which is a type of electric scooter, is powered by a battery motor and can be operated with the throttle and brake on the handlebars

From when is it allowed to drive e-scooters?

It is allowed to drive an e-scooter from the age of 14.

What is an E-scooter?

An e-scooter is a small electric vehicle that resembles a pedal scooter and is powered by an electric motor.

How much does an e-scooter cost?

Wizzard’s e-scooters start at a price around 500 euros, depending on the particular offer.

Which e-scooters are approved?

The list of e-scooters approved for road use is constantly changing. Therefore, the approval should be checked individually with the manufacturer.

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