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The 13 Best Car Organizers For The Family Car – Guidebook

You finally want to bring order into your family car? Then you need a car organizer. With this, it is easy for you to keep order in your car. We have linked the best models in our product recommendations. There you will surely find a suitable organizer for you. In the checklist, you will find all the important data about car organizers and their use.

Car Organizer Checklist

  • Trunk organizers are available in fabric, leather, imitation leather or as lockable hard boxes.
  • Hanging organiz ers are for the back of the front seats, some also with holders for tablets and bottles.
  • Organizer boxes are also available for the front passenger seat.
  • Smallparts organizers for the dashboard quickly give you more storage space in the front.
  • Small waste garbage cans keep things tidy.
  • A travel table for the child seat including storage compartments offers your child employment possibilities on longer car trips.
  • Folders for the glove compartment neatly store manuals, certificates and much more.
  • Cup holders and cup warmers make longer trips more enjoyable for driver and passenger.
Size And Layout
  • Measure your car beforehand, because the organizers come in a wide variety of sizes.
  • In the case of fabric organizers, the dividers can sometimes be adjusted by means of a Velcro strip.
  • In the case of plastic organizers, the dividers can sometimes be joined together individually.
  • So you can create storage space according to your needs.
  • There are also trunk organizers available that you can attach to the headrests on the back seat. Then your trunk is still fully usable.
  • Other trunk organizersfill a part or the whole trunk.
  • Trunk organizers often have a Velcro strip to secure the boxes to the carpet without slipping.
  • Hanging organiz ers for the seatback hook onto the headrest and attach to the bottom of the seat.
  • Dashboard organizers have hooks to attach them to the vents or slide between the seat and center console.
  • Boxes that you place on the passenger or rear seat should be secured with the seat belt.
  • In an accident , unsecured luggage and organizers can become dangerous projectiles!
  • Airbags must not be obstructed by an organizer!
  • Most organizers are made of fabric.
  • For a more premium look, car organizers are made of imitation leather or leather. These go perfectly with a leather interior.
  • In hard boxes you can store things especially safely and do not have to worry about damaging anything when loading the trunk.
  • Hanging organizers are also available in child-friendly designs with bright colors.

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