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The Best Sellers Of Skateboards – Guide

Skateboards are the classic among the boards and still enjoy great popularity. Therefore, the skateboard must be perfectly matched to you to shine on-ramp and skate track with stunts and tricks.

What you need to look for when buying a skateboard, you will learn in our checklist. You can find a selection of great skateboards in our product recommendations.

The Best Sellers Of Skateboards

We have compiled the most popular skateboards for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Skateboards

Checklist For Skateboards

Age Recommendation
  • There are skateboards for adults and children.
  • Therefore, the age recommendation of the manufacturer should be strictly observed.
  • Children’s skateboards can sometimes be used from the age of 3.
Size and Weight
  • Skateboards for adults are available in different sizes. Common models are between 19 and 22 cm wide and between 70 and 80 cm long.
  • The size of the skateboard should be adjusted to your shoe size. Skaters with large feet should use a wide skateboard.
  • Mini boards made of plastic are particularly suitable for children to start with.
  • The maximum weight specified in the manufacturer’s specifications should not be overloaded to ensure the longevity of the skateboard.
  • A helmet and protective equipment such as arm and knee pads should not be missing when riding.
  • In addition, on ramps and skating tracks should always be driven carefully to avoid collisions.
Material and Design
  • Most skateboards are made of multi-layered wood, which makes them particularly stable and durable.
  • On the surface of the skateboards there is a roughened layer, which provides sufficient grip while skating.
  • The wheels of the skateboard are often made of polyurethane, a sturdy plastic. The wheels are available in different sizes and degrees of hardness.
  • The bottom of skateboards is often customized and consists of colorful designs.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular skateboards.

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Latest Deals For Skateboards

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of skateboards.

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FAQ About Skateboards

Which skateboard size?

The size of the skateboard for adults should be made depending on the shoe size. People with big feet should choose a wider skateboard than people with small feet. However, the optimal skateboard size varies from individual to individual and also depends on personal preferences.

How much does a skateboard cost?

Skateboards are available from about 50 €. Expensive models cost over 200 €.

Skateboard – from when?

Children’s skateboards can be used under supervision from the age of 3.

Which is better – longboard or skateboard?

A skateboard is more suitable for ramps and skating tracks, as it is more flexible and stable. A longboard is suitable for covering longer distances.

What skateboard width?

The width of the skateboard should be adjusted approximately to your shoe size. However, the skateboard width is a matter of taste and varies individually.

Skateboard – which wheels?

Rollers differ in size and hardness. Which wheels are best depends on the use and budget.

How to learn to ride a skateboard?

In the beginning, balance should be trained on a straight surface. This way, one can continuously increase the speed and try to make turns. If you remain stable on the skateboard even at higher speeds and in curves, you can try your hand at ramps and skateparks. Basically, the rule for skateboarding is: Learning by Doing.

How long is a skateboard?

Common skateboards are between 70 and 80 cm long.

How do you brake with a skateboard?

Skateboards can be braked in two different ways. The easy way is that you brake with one foot, but this is not very beneficial for the sole and shoe. Another way is to shift your weight backwards and brake with the wood of the tail.

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