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The Best Strollers – Guide

All parents need it – the stroller. There are an incredible number of models, which all shine with equally different properties. How to keep track of them all?

We want to make your choice easier and have summarized the most important criteria in a checklist. We also present the best products directly to you. So that the next walk outside is just as it should be!

Stroller Checklist

  • Infants who do not yet want to remain reliably seated are strapped in when going out with the stroller. A 5-point harness reliably prevents the child from falling out of the stroller.
  • In the stroller, the little passengers have direct skin contact with covers, frames, and textile fabrics. Test seals reveal whether the materials of the stroller are free of harmful substances.
  • Parking brakes on at least two of the four or three stroller wheels are a must to prevent unintentional rolling away.
  • An additional handbrake on the stroller handle offers optimum safety so that you can react quickly while driving.
Comfort Child
  • Strollercombination models span the entire period from birth to independent walking.
  • Comprehensive stroller sets therefore even include a baby car seat, which can be used both on the stroller frame and as a car seat.
  • Older children from toddler age require an individually adjustable seat and reclining surface. This should be infinitely adjustable and, in addition to the sitting position, also allow a semi-recumbent and reclining position.
  • Transparent surfaces in the stroller canopy allow the little passenger to marvel at the surroundings, which provides entertainment.
  • Children have the best ride comfort in strollers with pneumatic tires, as they have a springy and balancing effect even on uneven terrain.
  • Additional suspension on the rear axle further increases the ride comfort for the child.
Operating Comfort
  • Height-adjustable push handles adapt the stroller to pushing parents individually, which significantly increases comfort on longer journeys.
  • Particularly maneuverable strollers have two wheels in the back and only one wheel in the front. This should be freely rotatable to reduce the turning circle even further.
  • To ensure that the stroller can be flexibly taken everywhere, it is worth choosing a model that can be easily folded and assembled.
  • A luggage basket or luggage net in the bottom of the stroller provides space for children’s accessories, shopping and more.
  • Older children will enjoy water bottle holders on the crossbar.
  • Additional pocket inserts give older children plenty of storage space for toys and books.
  • Some strollers already come with a diaper bag. This can be stowed particularly easily thanks to coordination with the dimensions of the stroller.
  • For trips in the cold season, a footmuff with thermal lining is essential.
  • In midsummer, on the other hand, a suitable sun sail should not be missing to provide protection from the sun’s rays.

We have compiled the best and most interesting strollers. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

Combi Stroller

3 In 1 Stroller

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Sibling Stroller

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Stroller Accessories


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Stroller Hook

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Stroller Organizer

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Baby Carriage Chain

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Baby Carriage Blanket

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Stroller Muff

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The Best Sellers Of Strollers

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular strollers for you.

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Current Offers On Baby Strollers

You can find the best current offers on strollers in this list.

Stroller FAQ

When to buy a stroller?

You should not stress too much about buying a stroller. In general, it is advisable to buy it from halfway through pregnancy to avoid avoidable stress towards the end of pregnancy.

From when to convert stroller to baby carriage?

This can happen when the infant carrier becomes too small. However, this does not mean that your child can already sit alone from this point on.

When can babies sit in a stroller?

This is relatively individual. However, it can be estimated at a time of about 9 to 10 months

How to wrap baby in the stroller in winter?

In addition to a warming fleece blanket, appropriate accessories such as thermal footmuffs are recommended.

How long stroller?

As a rule, children say goodbye to the stroller at the age of 3 to 4 years.

Which blanket in the stroller?

For the winter, a warming fleece blanket is absolutely sufficient.

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