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The Best Sellers Of Sun Umbrellas For Strollers – Guidebook

The Best Sellers Of Sun Umbrellas For Strollers – Guidebook

Sunshades for strollers are very useful, especially in the summer , because you should protect your child from the harmful UV radiation . Especially when your child is still very small, the skin can not yet tolerate the sun’s rays too well. So that your child is not burned and is well protected, you must choose a suitable sunshade.

To make your choice easier, we have compiled all the important information in a checklist. With the help of our product recommendations you will surely find the perfect parasol.

The Bestsellers Of Parasols For Strollers

In this bestseller list, we have compiled the most popular parasols for strollers for you.

Checklist for sunshades for strollers

Checklist for sunshades for strollers

Model Selection
  • Matching the design of the stroller, there are parasols for strollers in plain black or in bright colors with flounces on the edge of the umbrella.
  • To ensure adequate coverage of the stroller and provide sufficient shade, the parasol diameter should be at least 70 cm.
  • For particularly comfortable handling of the parasol, you should choose a model that unfolds at the touch of a button. This way you have the other hand free for your baby.
  • An additional velcro strap or other fastening solution that holds the parasol together is important when the parasol is no longer needed.
  • Parasols for strollers are made of plastic textile fabric. Depending on the model, it has a finish that can absorb UV rays almost completely.
  • This plastic material convinces by easy care and a noble woven look.
UV- protection
  • The highest UV protection is offered by sunshades for strollers according to the Australian standard. Here you can count on a UV ray absorption rate of up to 98%.
  • To enjoy the sun with your baby without remorse, a sunshade with a sun protection factor of at least 40 is necessary.
  • For spot-on sun protection , you should opt for a parasol that has adjustable joints or a flexible tube. This way you can react flexibly to all irradiation angles.
Mounting Options
  • Most parasols for strollers have a universal mount that allows flexible attachment to all stroller models.
  • Some models allow the parasol to be removed from the attachment. If it is not needed, the parasol remains at home, but the holder remains on the stroller. This is convenient because the parasol can be reattached to the stroller with a flick of the wrist.
  • Parasol holders that have a rubber coating on the inside provide a particularly firm fit. Slipping of the holder is then as good as impossible.
  • Parasols for strollers can also be attached to travel cots or outdoor play stations to provide sun protection there. Some parasol models include an additional ground spike for this purpose in the scope of delivery.

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Current Offers Of Sunshades For Strollers

Here you can find a collection of current offers on parasols for strollers.

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FAQ About Parasol For Strollers

What is sun protection for the stroller?
Sun protection for the stroller should protect your child from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This cover is usually made of plastic and is therefore very easy to care for.

Do you need sun protection for the stroller?
Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether you want to use sun protection for the stroller. However, it is advisable to use one, especially on hot summer days, so that your child does not get burned.

What should be considered when buying a sun protection?
In any case, it should have a universal bracket so that you can attach the sun protection to any stroller. You should also pay attention to the material. A synthetic fabric is best. This can usually guarantee that it really protects against the sun.

What is a stroller?
A stroller is essentially a means of transport that you can use to take your child with you over longer distances. There are two different types of strollers: with some models your child sits in the stroller, with others it lies down. The latter model is most suitable for younger children or babies, as they cannot hold their heads by themselves for a long period of time.

How long should a stroller be used?
Every child develops differently, which is why a general answer cannot be given here. However, children are usually between the ages of three or four years ready to run shorter distances on their own.

What’s in the stroller?
In winter it can make sense to use thick fleece blankets so that your child does not get cold. Alternatively, it is also possible to put a hot water bottle with your child in the stroller during this time. For the summer, however, footmuffs that are airy and light are suitable so that your child does not sweat.

When should you buy a stroller?
You should already deal with the question of the right stroller during your pregnancy. Finding the right stroller is not that easy, because it should also be of high quality.

Which is the best stroller?
This question cannot be answered unequivocally either. When buying a stroller, however, you should always make sure that it is of high quality, and that it is light and easy to drive.