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The 7 Best Recorders For Children – Guidebook

The 7 Best Recorders For Children – Guidebook

Not every recorder for children is the same because they differ not only in the material but also in the fingering. Here you can find out exactly what the difference between the individual models is.

Checklist For Recorders For Children

Suitability For Children
  • A recorder for children offers many advantages:
  • Beautiful first introduction to music making
  • Easy to play with small hands
  • Promotes the lip muscles
  • Motor skills of the fingers are trained
Age Recommendation
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Most recorders for children can be used from 5 to 6 years.
  • Tip: Make sure that your child is not younger than the manufacturer indicates
  • Otherwise, learning a musical instrument may be too early for your child. Avoid that your child is frustrated and does not enjoy learning
  • There are German and baroque fingerings.
  • German fingering: suitable for beginners (the distance between the fingers is not so big), most models have it
  • Baroque fingering: the holes for the fingers have a larger distance, therefore suitable for children with a little more experience
  • Recorders for children are made in 2 different materials: Plastic and wood.
  • The main difference is in the sound of the instrument.
  • Recordersmade of wood: rich sound (even with low notes), stable, for advanced players
  • Recordersmade of plastic: muffled sound, not susceptible to moisture, for beginners
  • In the scope of delivery of a recorder for children is usually a bag, exercise book and / or a so-called wiper stick included. This is used for cleaning the instrument.

Here you can find the top 7 most popular recorders for children.

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The Best Sellers Of Recorders For Children

We have compiled the most popular recorders for children for you in this bestseller list.

# Preview Product
1 Descant Soprano Recorder Music Recorder Instrument For Kids Flute Kids Recorder With Cleaning Rod +...
2 2 pcs Small Wooden Recorders for Toddlers, Colorful Piccolo Flute for Kids,Learning Rhythm Musical...
3 Easy Recorder Lessons for Kids + Video and Audio: Beginner Recorder for Children and Teens with 60...
4 Frozen - Recorder Fun!: Pack with Songbook and Instrument
5 Soprano Recorder Descant Flauta Recorder 8 Hole ABS Clarinet German Style Treble flute C Key for...
6 Tovip 2PCS Wooden Kid Flute Musical Instrument Early Education Develop Recorder Woodwind Musical...
7 Plastic Flutes Recorder Instrument for Kids Wooden Recorder Plastic Flutes Music Flute Plastic...
8 Soulmate Recorder Instrument for Beginners Kids Students German Style C Key Soprano Recorder 8 Holes...
9 Recorder (Children of the Consortium Book 1)
10 German Style 8 Hole Soprano Descant Recorder Instrument for Chrildren Kids Beginner Graduation or...
11 SJOYS ENGIEGEE 8-Hole Soprano Descant Recorder Kids Music Flute with Cleaning Rod & Case Bag For...
12 Soprano Recorder Descant Flauta Recorder 8 Hole ABS Clarinet German Style Treble flute C Key for...
13 Eastar Soprano Recorder Instrument for Kids Beginner, German Fingering C Key Recorder Instrument...
14 EAST TOP Soprano Recorder for Kids Beginners, 8 Hole Plastic German Fingering Flute Recorder 3 Piece...
15 OREN 2PCS Wooden Flutes Musical Instrument Early Education Develop Recorder Woodwind Musical...
16 Hot Cross Buns And Recorder Gift For Men, Women And Kids T-Shirt
17 Fun And Easy Recorder Songs For Kids And Beginners: Easy To Play Recorder Classics (includes...
18 Easy Recorder Sheet Music for Kids: 55 Songs for Beginners
19 Wood Recorder Educational Wood Flute Sound Recorder Toy for Children Kids Beginner(Multicolor)
20 Soprano Recorder Instrument for Kids&Student - German Fingering 8 Hole Flute ABS Descant Recorders...

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Current Offers For Recorders For Children

Here you will find a selection of current offers for recorders for children.

FAQ For Recorders For Children

When can children start learning the recorder?

A good starting age for the recorder as a first instrument is 5 or 6 years. Of course, it also works later, even adults or older siblings can have fun with it. Some children even enjoy playing the instrument at the age of 3

Which recorder is suitable for children?

Recorders are usually made of hold. There are special recorders for beginners. Especially practical are sets with storage, cleaning material and aids for learning (e.g. books or notebooks).

Which instrument for beginners?

Recorders are popular instruments for beginners and children. Usually you learn quickly and after about 2 years (if you want) you can learn another instrument.

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