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The 9 Best Loft Beds With Slide – Advisor

Loft beds are the dream of many children. Even better than a loft bed can actually only be a loft bed with slide. Thus, the nursery of your treasure quickly becomes a personal adventure playground. This makes children’s eyes shine.

But how do you find the right loft bed with slide? We will help you. In our checklist you will find many important buying criteria and in our product recommendations you will certainly find the right loft bed with slide for your little treasure.

Checklist For Loft Beds With Slide

  • It is not recommended to buy a loft bed for children under the age of six.
  • Children of elementary school age should only be allowed to slide under supervision. To prevent unsupervised sliding, the bed should be equipped with a removable ladder.
Different models
  • A loft bed with slide can be designed as a bunk bed.
  • There is a bed at the top and at the bottom. If there is only the upper bed, the space under the bed is used as an additional playing area.
  • The space under the loft bed can be imaginatively designed.
  • In the accessories you can find curtains or special tents, with which you can individually transform the space. Loft beds that are assigned to a theme are popular, for example, knight’s castle or fire engine.
  • The edge of the upper bed should be at least 30 cm higher than the mattress to prevent falling out to sleep.
  • If the bed also serves for playing and romping, the parapet is ideally 60 cm high. The load capacity of the beds is usually designed for 70 to 75 kg, adequate should be the load capacity of the slides.
  • Most loft beds are made of wood. The slide is usually made of the same material as the bed.
  • Pay attention to:
  • rounded edges
  • The GS test seal according to the EN 747 safety standard.
  • Make sure that the loft bed does not contain harmful substances.
  • One long side and one end of the loft bed should be placed directly against the wall, if possible fix it to the wall.
  • It is advisable to screw the slatted frame to the bed, because in a loft bed with slide people also like to romp.
Consider space requirements
  • There are loft beds where the slide is attached at right angles to the bed.
  • These models require more space than loft beds where the slide is parallel to the bed.
  • The dimensions of the slides vary. For example, with a lying surface of 200 x 90 cm, slides with L x W = 176 x 38 cm or L x W = 147.5 x 31.7 cm are available.

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The Best Sellers Of Loft Beds With Slide

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular loft beds with slide for you.

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Current Offers Of Loft Beds With Slide

Here you can find a collection of current offers of loft beds with slide.

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FAQ About Loft Beds With Slide

When should I buy a loft bed with slide?

The right age for a loft bed with slide is usually the same as for a loft bed without slide. Your child should be about 6 years old before sleeping in a loft bed. However, you know the developmental stage of your child best and can therefore estimate the appropriate age yourself.

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