The Best Sellers Of Travel Cots – Guide

With a travel cot you support the restful sleep of your favorite even on vacation. But not only when traveling, but also when visiting grandma and grandpa or friends, a travel cot is a great companion that always offers your baby a quiet place to sleep.

If you are not sure which travel cot is right for you, our product recommendations and checklist.

The Best Sellers Of The Travel Cots

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular travel beds.

Checklist For Travel Beds

Checklist for Travel Cots

Age Recommendation
  • Travel cots are already available for newborns. Some models can be adapted to the needs of the youngest by adding a special newborn insert.
  • Travel cots are generally suitable for infants up to the age of 36 months or up to a height of 89 cm and a weight of about 15 kg.
  • Travel cots for babies and toddlers are usually made of plastic, textile or mesh material, which is shaped with a plastic or metal frame.
  • Many travel cots are covered on the sides with a net material made of plastic. This has the advantage that the little ones can look out and discover their surroundings, but you can always keep an eye on your child.
  • High-quality travel cots for children have an own weight, which is about 15 kg.
  • Many travel cots are supplied with a cot pad. However, since these are usually too thin to allow comfortable lying, you should use a separate baby mattress for the travel cot.
  • Particularly comfortable travel c ots can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps.
  • Sharp edges and gaps on the folding parts are a criterion for excluding travel cots for children.
  • A height-adjustable lying surface makes the travel cot an all-rounder from newborn to three years of age and allows you to take out your baby without backache.
Additional Functions
  • Some travel cots have a zipper on the side that your child can operate himself.
  • Sturdy travel cots, which are explicitly suitable for this purpose, can also be used as a playpen for toddlers.
  • For even more comfort when traveling, choose a model that is equipped with wheels and a parking brake. After the night you can simply roll it out of the way, the complete disassembly is not necessary.
  • Additional bags and utensil boxes on the travel cot make traveling with a child even more comfortable due to the additional storage space.
  • When traveling with babies or very young toddlers, a travel cot with changing pad is ideal, as this saves a lot of space.

We have compiled the best and most interesting travel beds. You can find the list with our product recommendations.

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Current Offers Of Travel Cots

You can find the best current offers on Travel Cots.

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Travel Cots Advice

Which Travel Cot Suits Me?

Many parents decide to buy a travel cot. But which one is right for you depends on your needs and preferences and in which context you want to use it in the future.

I would like to help you with the decision and for this you had to answer only one question. This is how you find out what type of travel cot you are. I have also picked out the right products for each type of travel bed.

Do You Want A Travel Cot With As Much Comfort And Accessories As Possible Or A Plain, Simple Travel Cot?

If you want a travel cot that offers you the same comfort on the road that you have at home, then you are Type A. In addition to the function as a travel cot, you also want the possibility to comfortably change your baby’s diaper and accessories such as toys are also welcome.

If you prefer a small, simple travel cot that you can easily take with you everywhere, then you are type B


You Want The Most Practical Travel Cot With Accessories?

Then you are type A!

Type A wants a travel cot that is easy to take with you and at the same time combines the most important pieces of furniture from the nursery in one. With such a travel cot your baby lies comfortably and usually there is also a play arch for entertainment. Also an infant insert for the first months is practical, because with it your baby lies higher and you do not have to bend down so far.

The biggest advantage that such a travel cot brings with it is a removable changing pad and a bit of storage space for the most important changing utensils. Sleeping and changing in one. Especially on a longer vacation makes such a travel cot life easier.

For type A, the Hauck Babycenter, the Infantastic crib and the Froggy travel crib are therefore suitable.

The Hauck Babycenter

The Hauck Babycenter offers parents a lot of comfort on the go, because your baby not only lies comfortably under the play arch, but can also be changed very easily with the removable changing mat. The utensil box and the diaper dispenser ensure that you always have everything you need for changing diapers at hand.

The mobile provides entertainment and when your baby slowly falls asleep, it is accompanied by the music of the music box integrated into the mobile.

Despite all its features, the Hauck Babycenter is wonderful to take with you because even the mattress is foldable. It can be easily folded and transported in the accompanying carry bag. Since it can quickly come to stains on the road, the travel cot is washable.

Infantastic travel cot

The Infantastic travel cot is the cheaper counterpart to the Babycenter from Hauck and offers almost the same advantages. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble and transport in the carry bag. Due to two wheels it can also be easily moved.

The Infantastic travel cot also comes up trumps with an infant insert and a changing pad. However, it offers less storage space for changing utensils with only one sewn bag.

Thanks to the play bow with three cuddly plush stars, your baby can also practice grasping in the travel cot.

The Froggy travel cot

The Froggy travel cot impresses with a pretty, simple design. It also features a changing pad, an infant insert and a carry bag for easy portability.

Keep your little one entertained with 3 plush characters while they lie on the lightly padded mattress.

The crib is especially well thought out. In addition to the practical infant insert to prevent back pain for mom and dad, the permeable mesh on three sides of the travel crib ensures good air circulation. In addition, the edges are padded and the corners are rounded to prevent painful bumps.

At 10 kg, the Froggy travel cot is the lightest model in the selection for type A and is very easy to dismantle and take with you.

You Want S Compact Travel Cot That Is Extra Light?

Then You Are Type B!

Particularly small and lightweight travel cots without frills are also particularly good to take along, because they are much lighter than the baby center models.

From my top 5 travel crib recommendations, the Babymoov Babyni and the Snoozer travel crib from Little World are particularly well suited for you. Both are practical travel cots that are particularly lightweight and can be taken along in a compact size. Thanks to the fly screen, they are also perfect for an afternoon in the garden or in the park. A great alternative to the larger models.

The Babymoov Babyni

The Babymoov Babyni travel crib is very lightweight and easy to take with you in the accompanying carry bag. It’s also perfect for you if you like to take your baby outside, as it has a fly net and even 50+ UV protection.

But the Babymoov Babyni is not without its own features either, as it offers your little treasure a play arch and a mirror in the mattress for playing in the prone position. So the Babyni is not only a travel cot, but also a play blanket and at the same time provides a good base for changing diapers.

The pop-up travel cot Babyni is therefore a super alternative to the multifunctional travel cots, if you like to do without frills and rarely undertakes major trips.

The Little World travel cot Snoozer

The travel cot Snoozer convinces first of all with its appealing cocoon look. It offers your baby with the removable mosquito hood also outside a comfortable place to sleep.

With 3.9 kg, the Snoozer travel cot is easy to transport with the carry bag. The clue: It can be folded so small that it can even be taken on the plane as hand luggage and can thus be with you on any trip without any problems.

Travel Cot Info

Why Do I Need A Travel Cot?

Safe and comfortable in a travel cot instead of together with parents on an air mattress. A travel cot supports your baby’s sleep during visits and overnight stays with grandma and grandpa or with friends. There is no small bed for babies in the hotel? No problem, because a travel cot can be folded compactly and easily transported.

Many travel cots also offer add-ons, such as a changing pad, a diaper dispenser, a play arch or even UV protection. The purchase of a travel cot is therefore worthwhile for on the road, because which parents do not know it? If the baby is overtired, then the rings under the eyes also stand out clearly for the parents. A good travel cot is therefore the first step to a relaxing vacation.

Some travel beds also have wheels and are also wonderfully suitable as a crib. So you can use the travel cot regularly and not only when you go away.

Travel cots with fly screens or even UV protection also allow you to sit comfortably with your baby in the garden or in the park without having to worry about stings or sunburn.

So travel cots are very useful in many situations and I myself would not want to do without it anymore. Because it offers me the comfort of home even on the road.

What Should I look For When Buying?

First, you should think very carefully about what kind of travel cot you need, because there are many different models with different strengths.

If you want to find out which travel cot Tyo you are, then do the test above, so you are guaranteed to find the right travel cot for you.

Weight and size

The smaller and lighter the travel cot, the easier it is to take with you, of course. However, weight and size also depend significantly on the functions of the travel.

The more accessories a travel cot has, the more you have to sacrifice in terms of weight. So think about which features are really important to you and where you want to use the travel cot primarily. Multifunctional and heavier travel cots are great to take along in the car. But if you often want to fly on vacation, then it’s worth buying a small, lightweight bed that can even be taken on the plane as hand luggage.

Assembly and disassembly

Before buying, find out exactly how easy it is to assemble and disassemble the travel cot. Especially if it is to come regularly with friends and family, the assembly and disassembly must be fast and uncomplicated. Therefore, I have paid attention to easy handling in my top 5 travel cot recommendations.


You should pay special attention to the mattress when buying. Because many beds are equipped with a very thin mattress, which is not suitable as a comfortable place for your baby to sleep, especially if you want to use the travel cot more often. So before buying, pay attention to the quality of the matt.

Infant inserts

Travel cots with a changing mat

I hope that I could help you with my top 5 travel cot recommendations and that you could discover the right model for you. The choice is not so easy, so take your time and think carefully about what is important to you in a travel cot.

Have fun on the road with your baby and your travel cot!

FAQ For Travel Cots

Travel cot how long?

How long a travel cot can be used depends on the respective model and the height and body weight of your child. You should never exceed the maximum load and the child must of course have enough space. Often children up to about 3 years fit into a travel cot and do not yet exceed the maximum load limit. However, you can not say this across the board, because there are, for example, variants that are only suitable for babies and not for toddlers.

How to assemble a baby travel cot?
How to assemble a baby travel cot depends on the particular model. It is important that the bed ends up standing securely and does not collapse when the child is sleeping, sitting or playing in it. Most variants work quite simply by unfolding and Velcro fasteners