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The 14 Best Night Lights For Children – Guidebook

Darkness is often the enemy of every child. Many babies or children, therefore, feel very uncomfortable alone in their room, which in the worst case can lead to serious sleep disorders. To prevent this from happening in the first place, you should purchase a night light for your child. This helps your child to perceive the room despite the nightly darkness . This way, they can easily find their way to the toilet.

To help you find the rightnight light for your child, we have put together a suitable checklist for you. In our product recommendations you will also find examples of beautiful night lights.

Checklist Night Lights For Children

  • Available in various designs, such as animal figures, egg or ball shape, cuddly toy and projector.
  • With or without integrated music box.
  • There are models that additionally include alarm clock, temperature display and other functions.
  • With or without twilight sensor.
  • Starry sky projector.
  • As a lamp without projection.
  • Small plug-in night lights as an orientation aid and emergency light.
  • Depending on the model with remote control.
  • With and without color change.
  • Some nightlights are portable and can be taken to bed.
  • If necessary, you can adjust the light duration.
  • Many babies and toddlers have trouble falling asleep in a dark room.
  • A night light calms your child and takes away the fear of the dark.
  • If the room is completely dark, children often feel alone and uncomfortable.
  • The light should only be bright enough so that outlines are recognizable, but the entire room is not illuminated.
  • Do not place the night light directly by the bed, but a little further away, so that the light does not disturb your child when falling asleep.
  • It gives you light when breastfeeding or calming your child when he wakes up at night.
  • A night light is also a good orientation aid, for example on the way through the room or to the toilet.
  • The color change and a starry sky invite you to dream.
  • Young children are particularly fascinated by colors and projections on the wall and ceiling.
  • Test seals from TÜV or GS certify that the product is child-safe and contains no harmful substances.
  • Night lights are not toys and, depending on the model, may not survive a fall.
  • There are special nightlights for the bed, for example as a cuddly toy with an integrated projector or built-in lighting.
  • The night light must not get hot. Since nowadays all night lights are equipped with LEDs, this should not happen.
  • If the nightlight becomes hot, it is defective. Remove it then!
  • Children can stranglethemselves on any cables that may be present, for example from charging stations.
  • Cables must always be out of reach of small children.

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FAQ About Nightlights

What is a night light for children?

A night light should take away your child’s fear of the dark. Ideally, the night light fills the nursery of your child with dimmed light, so that he can see the outlines of his room optimally. So he can go to the toilet at night without any worries.

What can a night light for children look like?

There are many different nightlights for children. Among other things, they can be purchased as animal figures or stuffed animals. In addition, many models change colors or project a night sky on the ceiling. But they do not only look beautiful. Some nightlights also serve as an alarm clock or can calm your child with the help of soft music.

What color should a nightlight for children be?

Cool or blue light can be irritating or disturbing for your child. Much better suited are warm tones that go into brown or reddish.

How much does a night light for children cost?

A night light for children usually costs between 20 and 30 euros.

When is a night light for children suitable?

There is no right or wrong here. For babies, however, darkness is not yet too threatening, as they do not yet have a sense of direction at this age. From the age of 2, however, children begin to be afraid of the dark. This is where it can be useful to use a night light.

How bright can a nightlight be?

A night light should not be too bright, otherwise your child may have trouble falling asleep. It therefore makes sense to choose a dimmed light so that the room is not completely illuminated.

How is a night light operated?

A night light is usually equipped with LEDs and is usually connected to the power supply. However, there are also models that are powered by batteries. Here you should find out in advance which batteries you need.

How can the safety of my child be guaranteed?

Always look for the appropriate test seal. This shows you whether the product has been extensively tested for safety. It must therefore not contain any harmful substances. Your child can accidentally injure itself on longer cables. Therefore, you should position the night light so that your child cannot get close to the cables. If the lamp becomes very hot, you should replace it immediately.

Where should a night light be placed?

You should not place the light too close to the bed, otherwise your child may not be able to fall asleep due to the brightness. Therefore, you should place it in another place in your child’s room.

What material is a night light for children made of?

A night light for children is usually made of plastic and silicone. However, you should not choose a night light made of glass, as this can break very quickly. Therefore, such a light is not yet suitable for small children.

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