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The 11 Best Wallpapers For Children’s Room – Guidebook

A children’s room should first and foremost please your child. For example, if he wants certain motifs or a redesign, you need to go in search of the right wallpaper. You can find out the most important criteria in our checklist. The product recommendations below will also help you find your desired product.

Checklist For Wallpaper For Children’s Room

  • Children’s wallpaper you can choose in 3 different types. It is offered paper, non-woven and vinyl.
  • Paper wall paper is available smooth and rough. Both have the advantage that it is easy to wipe off in case of stains. Either the paper wallpaper consists of one or two layers.
  • Non-woven wallpaper, on the other hand, is much more robust. It is also easier to apply to the wall, because, unlike paper, it is dry taping, which gives more time and peace of mind. However, due to the pluses non-woven wallpaper is more expensive.
  • The last variant vinyl occurs in combination with paper or non-woven. Vinyl serves as a protective layer over one of the two materials and is therefore also very stable. However, as with paper, you have to work faster because the wallpaper is applied in a wet state and vinyl is more harmful to the environment.
  • Absolutely you should pay attention to test seals (e.g. TÜV), so that the material is free of harmful substances.
  • Children’s tastes change quite quickly depending on their stage of life, so removing the wallpaper should be quick and easy.
  • Paper wallpaper must be treated with water or special wallpaper solvent beforehand, but is easy to remove afterward.
  • Non-woven, on the other hand, you can peel off dry from the wall. It is also possible to paint over the non-woven wallpaper.
  • The procedure for vinyl is similar to that for non-woven. You pull off the dry vinyl layer, but the paper or fleece underneath remains on it. This is a good idea if you want to redecorate.
  • The wallpaper should be selected primarily according to the taste and interests of your child. If your child is still too young, we recommend simple patterns, so you do not have to constantly re-wallpaper because it no longer pleases.
  • Wallpaper with favorite print (for example, animals or certain themes) are very popular with most children. In addition, different shapes and patterns such as stars are often used.
  • If you want to highlight something in particular, 3D or photo wallpapers are super suitable. They provide for great effects and put people in amazement.
  • Alternatively, you can also design a child’s room with Wall tattoos if your child wants a different design or currently has certain favorite heroes/characters.

We have collected the best and most interesting wallpapers for children’s room. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Wallpapers For Children’s Room

In a list of bestsellers we have collected the most popular wallpapers for children’s room for you.

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Current Offers Of Wallpaper For Children’s Room

You can find the best current offers of wallpapers for children’s room in this list.

FAQ For Wallpaper

Which wallpaper?

Which wallpaper is the best depends on the room to be wallpapered. For example, there are particularly light-resistant variants, if the sun shines increasingly into the room. In rooms where there is a lot of dust and dirt, a robust wallpaper should be chosen that can withstand scrubbing and cleaning. The material of the wallpaper should also be chosen individually. While paper wallpaper is cheaper and more environmentally friendly, the removal is rather tedious due to treatment with water and scraping. Non-woven wallpapers, in contrast, are more expensive, but they can be removed dry and are more robust overall. However, a disadvantage may be that they are slightly transparent and rather can not be wallpapered over.

What is the best way to remove wallpaper?

How to remove wallpaper depends on the type or material of the wallpaper. Paper wallpaper should be treated with water, so that the paper softens and can be removed or scraped off. You can also add a little detergent. Variants made of non-woven are usually removable even in dry condition.

How long must wallpaper dry?

How long a wallpaper must dry depends, among other things, on the substrate, the characteristics of the room and the paste used. Usually one day is sufficient before painting. But it can also take up to 3 days. Therefore, you should act according to the circumstances and the manufacturer’s instructions,

How do I get wrinkles out of the wallpaper?

Strong wrinkles can unfortunately only be removed by peeling off the wallpaper in this area and reapplying it. Smaller defects can be repaired partly with a wallpaper brush or, if necessary, with a wallpaper roller.

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