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The 8 Best Alternatives To The Toniebox – Guidebook

The 8 Best Alternatives To The Toniebox – Guidebook

The Toniebox is very popular with children. However, it is often not inexpensive, and setting it up seems complicated at first glance. In addition, new stories and figures usually have to be purchased separately. But other manufacturers also produce music boxes for children, which can often offer similar listening fun. You can find out exactly which ones here.

Our checklist will help you to keep an overview and also provides you with important tips for your search. The product recommendations give you the first incentives to buy, so that your child will soon be able to enjoy a great music box.

Checklist For Alternatives To The Toniebox

Handling And Models
  • Ingeneral, the device must be easy to control and have as few buttons as possible, so that your child can operate the music box itself.
  • Sometimes the function of a time limit is also advantageous, so that your child is also occupied with other things and does not listen to audio games for hours.
  • Tigerbox: music boxes can be purchased with pre-installed audiobook packages. In addition, the app tiger tones can be downloaded, on which it is possible to play tested audios . It costs around 75 euros.
  • Hörbert: 140 minutes of pure radio play fun are already pre-installed in this box. Of course, you can also add your own content via the SD card inside. The material of the box is also quite convincing: It is made of wood, is therefore very robust and can usually survive minor falls. However, the nature of the box is also a disadvantage at the same time, as your child can injure himself much faster due to the hard material. In addition, it has an integrated volume limit , so that no permanent damage is caused to your child’s ear. The box is also very designed for sustainability and can be repaired by parents as well as free of charge by the manufacturer. With the help of batteries, Hörbert can deliver up to 57 hours of listening fun . In comparison, it is also relatively expensive at around 239 euros.
  • Dogbox: This is mainly made of plastic and is similar to the Tonie Box in terms of volume control, where the volume is also adjusted by pressing the ears. The box can easily be taken anywhere thanks to a leather handle. It has Bluetooth, an SD card and even a USB port. Users can also download the OoigO app, which provides access to streaming services (Spotify or Apple Music, for example). The box is also relatively inexpensive at 30 euros.
  • V- Story Box: It scores with a relatively simple and uncomplicated handling , but is not particularly high-quality compared to the other boxes . Stories and songs are already stored in the box, so nothing stands in the way of listening fun. Light projections also provide further interesting functions. The box is suitable for younger children and is also relatively inexpensive at around 39 euros.
  • Badoo Box: This box also places a lot of emphasis on sustainability and is made of environmentally friendly materials. Certain contents can be loaded onto a USB stick or connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth . It also has an integrated battery, which promises up to 6 hours of pure audio play fun. An integrated microphone further increases the fun of the box, as children can record and play back their own sounds. In terms of price, the box is around 100 euros.
  • Jooki – Box: This box is essentially based on the Toniebox, as it also uses figures to play with. This works via an app, so the box must also be connected to the same WLAN. It is also possible to play audio plays or music via Spotify. However, an SD card can also be recorded and used. The good sound and the robust material speak for the purchase of a Jooki box. However, it is not exactly cheap and costs about 199 Euros.
Observe Age Recommendation
  • As a rule, it is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your child will really enjoy the music box.
  • Young children will be pleased to know that it is particularly easy to use. For the “Hörbert” device, for example, there is no age recommendation from the manufacturer. However, it is pointed out that independent use without help with this jukebox is usually only possible from 2.5 years: Before that, children lack the necessary strength to press the power button.
  • Tip: The Hörbert is also popular with many senior citizens.

Tip: You can find the best children’s stories here.

The Best Sellers Of The Alternatives To The Toniebox

In this bestseller list, we have compiled the most popular alternatives to the Toniebox for you.

Tip: Want to listen to even more radio plays? Then take a look here.

Current Offers Of Tonies Figurines For Children

Here you can find a collection of the current offers of alternatives to the Toniebox.

FAQ For Alternatives To The Toniebox

What is a Toniebox?

A Toniebox is a toy for children that symbolically plays audio games, music and stories through Tonies (play figures). These are downloaded beforehand from the manufacturer’s website.

What alternative to the Toniebox?

There are some alternatives to the Toniebox, which are also well suited for children. Some boxes work via Bluetooth, others with WLan or memory cards. You can find the best models in our product recommendations.

Toniebox from when?

According to the age recommendation, the Toniebox is suitable from 3 years. However, some parents decide to use it earlier. You should generally follow the safety instructions and not choose stories that are too adventurous. Especially in the evening, too exciting content can disturb sleep.

What is the best alternative to the Toniebox?

There are a number of alternatives that are similar to the Toniebox. The audio box performs very well in comparison, as it has many different functions and is built to a very high standard. However, it is also relatively expensive. If your child is still younger or does not yet need many more audio play options, the V-story box, among others, can arouse your interest. It is ideal for beginners and therefore very easy to use. Which music box you ultimately choose, of course, depends on the needs of your child.

What is important when buying a jukebox for children?

Ease of use is paramount, so that your child is not quickly frustrated by not being able to enjoy audio games on their own and only with help. Also, the material should be appropriate, otherwise your child can hurt himself on the box. A sleep timer or even a time limit additionally help to ensure that your child does not spend hours just listening to different audio games.

Which music boxes for children are particularly inexpensive?

The Toniebox is often very expensive, since new figures can also always be added, which require an additional purchase. However, the Tigerbox also uses a relatively similar principle and only costs around 75 euros. Some of the boxes presented above, on the other hand, can even be purchased for as little as 30 euros.

Can an alternative replace the Toniebox?

Of course, each music box from different manufacturers is individually designed and is not an exact copy to the Toniebox. Nevertheless, there are some models that are very similar to the original Toniebox. The Dogbox, for example, allows the volume to be adjusted by pressing the ears. The Jooki Box, on the other hand, is based on the principle of playable figures that can play back different content.

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